Nutrition Week of 02/15 to 02/21

This week was appropriately titled “Increase Intensity” on my Nike Plus Running app half marathon training plan.  I increased my workout intensity which got me to a new half marathon personal record… a sub two hour time!  Woohoo!  Here’s what I ate during this week of increased intensity…



Monday morning started off with sleeping in with the hubby! Yup!  We both had the day off for president’s day.  What better way to enjoy a day off (and a run “rest” day) than to sleep in and then enjoy some delicious homemade waffles?! Hubby got to choose what he wanted made for breakfast and he chose chocolate chip, blueberry waffles. I added sliced bananas and almond butter on top of mine.  Talk about Yum-O!

For both lunch and dinner we juiced.

Today’s workout: Rest Day… a walk to Starbucks with the 13 year old



The work week began, once again, with preparing seven juices in the morning. (3 for me, 3 for hubby, and 1 for the daughter) As for dinner, I decided to try a new recipe from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app.  Tonight’s new recipe was Super Charged Scrabbled Eggs. I tried sneaking in the tomatoes and green onion in the eggs before slipping them into a “breakfast burrito” for the hubby, but sadly he is too observant.  Can he really tasty the green onion?

Today’s workout: 5 mile run in 48:36



Wednesday was a burger kind of night.  Perhaps Wednesdays are our new burger night since last week we ate burgers on Wednesday night too?! After trying Jason Vale’s Spicy Mint ‘N’ Avo Veggie Burger and realizing it was SO tasty, I decided to only make veggie burgers and to skip the turkey burgers for the boys all together.  It was a big hit with the hubby! He commented, “You should make this every week!  No, you should make this two times a week!” As for the 10 year old, he asked, “What kind of meat is this?”

Today’s workout: 4 miles in 36:05 followed by some strength training


As stated in last week’s nutrition post, Thursday nights are normally good nights for me. All I can think is, “It’s practically already Friday!” Tonight I tried another Jason Vale Super Fast Food app recipe… No Sheep Shepherd’s Pie.  I am normally not a huge sweet potato / yam fan, but the recipes found in Jason Vale’s app, may have me a believer.  This recipe was surprisingly delicious.  Best part of all, it was completely vegan!  Everyone ate it and enjoyed it… hallelujah, praise Jesus!

Today’s workout: 6.00 mile run in 55:10


2I went to bed Thursday night knowing that Friday was going to be a busy day.  I knew that I wouldn’t have any time to get my run in after work, so I knew the only solution was to do another early morning pre-work run.  This meant setting the alarm for 4am… yikes!  I am happy to report that I was able to get a quick 3 miles in with a time of 26:49.

I was SO stoked about my speedy Friday morning run, that I even took a #flexitfriday selfie.  This shows that you can have muscles without consuming animal products.

For dinner tonight I stopped with the kids at Subway and ate a 6″ veggie delite. (No cheese, no mayonnaise, and no chips.)


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend from high school for a run. This was our first run together. She is newly into running and expressed how nervous she was to run with me. I tried easing her nerves as I told her that I was in her shoes 5 years ago. I remember distinctively how I felt when my running friends invited me to join them on a 3 mile run. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, that I’d slow them down, and that I’d… die! I made it through that first run with them and it became a first of many runs together!

This is what I am hoping for this friend… that our run on Saturday will be the first of many. For being a fairly new runner, she absolutely rocked our first run together!

3.83 miles together plus 1.17 miles on my own. Pre-run fuel: a Lara bar. Post-run fuel: a leftover green smoothie from the day before plus some coffee.

The rest of the day was spent running errands with the hubby and cleaning the house. While out and about, we stopped by one of my favorite places… Costa Vida. I get the same thing every time: a vegetarian salad. It’s big enough that I ate half for lunch and half for dinner.


Race day! Sunday’s race was the Davis Stampede half marathon. For 5 weeks I had been following an intermediate half marathon training plan for a half marathon on March 19th. I had started the training plan because I wanted to earn a PR and I finally wanted a sub 2 hour time. I had been close (2:05, 2:02, and 2:01), but had yet to get below the two hour time. I wasn’t exactly sure how Sunday’s race would go, but my hopes were high. My nutrition had been spot on, I had not missed a single training run, and it was perfect racing weather!

Here’s how I fueled my half marathon…

 A Honey Stinger dark chocolate coconut almond protein bar and a banana before the race started. Water and Honey Stinger limeade energy chews during the race.

As I was lining up at the starting line I had to choose if I was going to line up with the 2:00 pacers or the 1:55 pacers. Since going sub two hours was my ultimate goal, I decided to stretch myself. I set my eyes on the 1:55 pacers and told myself I would do my best to stick with them.

When the race first started and as we began to run my first thought was, “Oh wow! This is fast!” Self-doubt came knocking, but I did my best to think positively knowing that I did my best to show up to the starting line ready to run.

Three miles in I took a quick stop to take off my jacket and tied it around my waist. The pacers passed me, but I was able to  quickly catch back up to them. I stayed
right behind them all the way to mile 10 when we came to an overpass; an overpass that look mighty steep (but in reality was probably hardly anything). My legs were feeling tired at this point so I decided to conserve strength and energy as I walked up
the overpass. Once at the top I began running again and continued running all the way to the finish line.

I never caught back up to the pacers after I stopped to walk up the overpass, but I was okay with that because… I crossed the finish line in 1:56! Not only did I finally achieve my sub 2 hour time, but I also earned a 5 minute PR! The best part of it all is that I did it all on a vegetarian, plant based diet!

*To check out my first week’s nutrition post go HERE.  I have decided to post about my weekly nutrition to 1) keep myself accountable and 2) to have as a resource for others when they ask me, “Where do you find your protein if you are a No Meat Athlete?” If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading “The Journey to Becoming a No Meat Athlete“.

What did YOU do this week to increase intensity?

How often do you increase intensity in your workouts and eating plan?

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