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How To Prevent Foot Blisters When Playing Sports

Other than a toothache, blisters must rank near the top of the most painful minor annoyances. If you are on your feet often for your job, or if you are an active athlete, blisters make the simplest action painful. Learning to prevent foot blisters when playing sports keeps you on the playing field instead of struggling on the sidelines. 

My Year Running on the Run Happy Team

This year, as a Run Happy Team member, has been one to remember! From receiving amazing Brooks products to meeting fellow Run Happy team members, the following are some of my top memories from my first year as a Brooks ambassador.

Race Recap: The Oakland Running Festival

Race Recap: Oakland Running Festival

Why run one race when you can run two in one day at the Oakland Running Festival! In 2020, I was supposed to run the Oakland Marathon, but then the world shut down. This year, the Oakland Running Festival was back in all of its glory and it was amazing!