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About Stephanie of Run Strong Run

My name is Stephanie Dunlap, the founder of Run Strong Run, and…

I Coach Women to Eat Intuitively So They Can Make Peace With Food, Feel Great in Their Bodies, And Never Have to Diet Again.

Yes, this is possible for you too!

About the Details

You and I relate. That’s what matters most. We speak the same language. I get you. I’ve been you.

And, for those who like credentials…

After being in education for over 13 years and earning my Master’s in leadership, I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with a specialization in weight loss through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I did this because not only do I love learning, but I also am obsessed with helping women ditch the damaging diet mentality and show up as the confident women they were made to be!

About the Blog

This blog started in January of 2016 to share my running and training journey. I wanted women to know that their bodies were made to move and that food was meant to be enjoyed. Read my story here.

In short, I am a recovering dieter. I went on my first diet when I was 14 years old, married an abusive man at 19, and then found myself divorced, broken, and unhealthy at 23 years old.

The next four years involed a long road of healing both mentally and physically. I learned to love myself, ditch the diets, and move my body not out of punishment, but out of celebration for what my body could do.

In 2011 I found running and one year later, I crossed the finish line of my first full marathon. Yes, in less than one year, I went from running zero miles, to crossing the finish line of my first full marathon 26.2 miles!

When starting this blog, after I escaped the damaging diet mentality, I said to myself “If I can help one woman change her relationship with food, mind, and body, it will be worth it!”

I am so happy to say that this blog has inspired thousands of women across every corner of the globe. This is your go-to place for: self-care, self-compassion (hello, grace – you are welcome here!), and food freedom.

Thank you for being here.

By Reading…

You life will change for the better by showing up weekly to my blog. This is a place where you can relate. I am just like you.

Show up week after week and watch your mindset shift. This is a place where you will find rest and peace in your own journey to healthy (feel-good) living.

Readers Just Like You:

These women experienced massive change just by reading my blog.

“I love following your page because of how focused you are on a healthy lifestyle with proper fuel and movement! No restrictions. It’s so amazing. So freeing!” – Eleisha

“The words you speak through your blog are so edifying and appreciated. You continue to be a blessing and an encouragement in my life.” – Karen

“You are a rockstar when it comes to posting great and helpful things! Whenever I read your content, I feel encouraged and uplifted.” – Angela

I wouldn’t be sharing any of this with you today had I not gone through all the ups and downs myself.

I have been through years of struggles with food, but today I am at the happiest and healthiest place I’ve ever been.

Stick around – the same freedom I have is available to you!

I often say to my clients “I SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE” and it’s so true.

I want you to show up here exactly as you are, without the fear of being judged.

This is a safe place where we can all get along. I’m so grateful for you!

Fun Facts

Here’s a few fun facts about Stephanie of Run Strong Run…

  • I’m in my late-30’s and live in Northern California.
  • I married my best friend in 2012.
  • When we got married, I became a bonus mom to two amazing kids.
  • After suffering through infertility for years, I gave birth to my first biological child in 2018.
  • I love what I do.
  • I love Jesus with my whole heart.
  • My favorite kind of drink. is something ice cold with chewable ice!
  • My favorite food is anything Mexican! Beans, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole… yum!
  • I’ve been plant-based since 2012.
  • My favorite workouts include those that feel good, leave me feeling energized, and involve many smiles.
  • Most mornings I can be found running and/or walking outside while listening to my favorite podcast or audiobook.
  • I love traveling! I, in fact, have lived and worked as a teacher in China, Honduras, and Mexico.
  • Read about where the phrase “Run Strong Run” originated… it may not be what you think.

I’m so glad we’re connected. I am here to serve you.

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