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I offer one to one coaching to help you get into a peaceful relationship with food, mind, and body—so that you can step confidently into the world as the woman you were made to be.

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Work one-on-one with me through my transformative 12 week program. My compassionate approach will encourage you to make satisfying food choices, develop positive body image, and - most importantly - stop feeling so distressed about eating!

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Review Falling Back Into Running with Knockaround

Falling Back Into Racing with Knockaround

With fall races in full swing, my newest Knockaround shades are seeing a lot of action! Since the start of fall, I have run one 5k, two half marathons, and one 20-miler in preparation for my upcoming fall full marathon. In all of my outdoor adventures, I always make sure to pack is a high-quality and affordable pair of sunglasses!

A Lesson in Grit at The Marin Endurance Festival

I learned an important lesson at the Marin Endurance Festival… the lesson of what it means to have grit. By definition, grit is having courage and resolve. It takes courage to sign up for a half marathon. It takes resolve to make it to the finish line.

Our Favorite Natural Supplements for Better, Healthier Living Cover Image

Our Favorite Natural Supplements for Better, Healthier Living

With so much on the line lately, taking care of your health should take top priority. Good health can actually be pretty simple — as long as you’re hitting the basics like a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep, then you should be good to go.

Reality doesn’t always go as planned, however, and sometimes hitting one or more of these foundations to health is harder than expected. When you find yourself struggling to eat balanced meals, it’s all right to ask for a little help. Previously, we discussed ‘The Best Intuitive Eating Books…’ for better eating and body positivity.

Today, we’ll talk a little more about giving our bodies that extra boost. Here are some of our favorite natural supplements for filling in those nutritional gaps.