How to Drop 7 lbs in 7 days

Last week our 13 year old daughter came home and said, "I want to juice all next week." My first reaction was no. But then, after I began to think about it, I thought, "Why not?" She, after all, has seen her father and I juice on a regular basis for years now. She herself has drank her fair share of juices and smoothies, but never has she gone a whole week with juicing only. I finally decided to tell her...

Nutrition Week of 02/15 to 02/21

...Not only did I finally achieve my sub 2 hour time, but I also earned a 5 minute PR! The best part of it all is that I did it all on a vegetarian, plant based diet!

The Journey to becoming a No-Meat-Athlete

We've all heard it, "you are what you eat". I use to ignore the phrase and chalk it up as nothing more than a cute quote on the school's cafeteria poster. It wasn't until I found myself weighing over 200 pounds that I finally took a closer look at the food I was putting into my body.

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