How to Drop 7 lbs in 7 days

Last week our 13 year old daughter came home and said, “I want to juice all next week.”  My first reaction was no.  But then, after I began to think about it, I thought, “Why not?”  She, after all, has seen her father and I juice on a regular basis for years now.  She herself has drank her fair share of juices and smoothies, but never has she gone a whole week with juicing only.  I finally decided to tell her…

“Yes, you may juice, but only if you wake up 20 minutes earlier so that you can help Dad and I juice in the mornings.”

She quickly answered, “Nevermind.”

The next day she brought up the same topic and said, “I want to juice next week.”

I patiently told her, “And you can, if you wake up and help Dad and I prepare the juices and smoothies in the morning.”

She replied, “That’s too much work.”  Around and around we went for a few days when she finally came around and agreed to wake up earlier and help.

Why was our 13 year old stating she wanted to juice?  Her PE class had a Health & Wellness unit and they watched the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. She was inspired to juice after watching this documentary.  She was even more inspired when her PE teacher said there’d be a competition to see who could consume the highest number of micro-nutrients throughout the week.

Since we were doing one week of only juicing, we decided to use Jason Vale‘s 7 lbs. in 7 days app.  One of the things that I love about Jason Vale’s apps are that it makes grocery shopping easy.  All you have to do is select how many days you want to shop for, select “generate list”, and then it generates a shopping list for you all within the app.  Best part of all is that as you are walking around the produce section, you can check off the items that you purchase all within the app!  Here’s a look at the produce we brought home for our 7 days of juicing…

Photo Feb 22, 7 47 25 AM

And here’s a peek into what our refrigerator looks like.  (Sorry, no picture of our counters, but as you can imagine, they are covered with apples, bananas, pineapples, etc.)

Throughout the week, I still drank my morning coffee with almond milk, ate a Lara bar for a mid-morning snack, and added in some raw almonds in the afternoon. Here’s what my training looked like while juicing:

Tuesday – 5 miles with an avg. pace of 9:15/mile

Wednesday – 6.36 miles with an avg. pace of 10:30/mile *I was suppose to do 9 miles, but 3 miles into my run I seriously felt as though I was about to pass out!  I realized that I did not have enough calories in my body.  I slowed down my pace, and made it 3.36 miles more.

Thursday – 9 miles with an avg. pace of 9:56/mile *The Honey Stinger protein bar that I ate pre-workout really helped with my energy level!

Friday – 5 miles with an avg. pace of 9:54/mile *It was hot and windy today after school!

Saturday – 9.82 miles solo with an avg. pace 9:37/mile & 4.18 miles with a friend for a total of 14 miles!

With doing this Monday – Friday (5 days instead of 7), I saw a 5 pound weight change! Could I sustain this long term?  No, especially not as an endurance athlete.  But, it is a great way to jump start your weight loss and/or healthy eating!

How do YOU jump start YOUR weight loss and/or healthy eating?

**Disclaimer** I am not a registered dietitian. Any advice given on this page is solely my opinion, and anyone planning to start any exercise/weight loss program should consult their physician first. I am also in no way sponsored by Jason Vale.  I just simply love his apps, books, and recipes SO much, that I want everyone else to know how awesome they are!)

How to drop 7lbs


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