Nutrition Week of 02/29 – 03/06

After juicing last week with the hubby and 13 year old daughter, I was more than glad to be back to “normal” food this week.  I must say, however, that after juicing for a week, “normal” food tastes so much richer, so much sweeter… and yes, the REAL, plant-based food, not the highly processed junk!  Now let’s jump to this week…


For tonight’s dinner we had Veggie Layered Lasagna from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app.  If you haven’t heard me say this before, I’ll say it again, “I absolutely LOVE this app!”  All meals include a picture, they are relatively easy to prepare, and they are healthy!  We paired this lasagna with a salad and garlic bread (just for the hubby and kids… I passed on the garlic bread.)

Today’s workout: 5.00 mile run at the gym in 49:49.

Today was the last day of February! Two months of 2016 down, ten to go! 158 miles in February?… Not too bad, not too bad at all!

Photo Feb 29, 8 59 48 PM



Photo Mar 01, 6 09 05 PM

Tonight’s dinner was the Super Greekish Salad from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app and it is seriously one of my favorites!  It’s so super fast and with less than 10 ingredients, it’s easy to keep them on hand to throw together at a moment’s notice.

Today’s workout: 9.00 miles in 1:29:00.


Photo Mar 02, 6 38 32 PM (1)

One of hubby’s favorite meal’s from the Super Fast Food app is Jasey’s veggie burger. He has, in fact, requested that this meal be made at least once a week. Wednesdays have unofficially become Burger Wednesdays!

Today’s workout: 2.00 miles in 20:57


Thursdays are normally good days for me because I feel energized.  Why would I feel energized on a Thursday?.. Because I know that the day that follows Thursday is Friday!  Who doesn’t love Friday?!

Tonight’s dinner was No Sheep Shepherd’s Pie with a lovely Apple & Blackberry crumble for desert.  Yup, you guessed it!… Both are from the Super Fast Food app!

Today was an even better day because my first official Honey Stinger Hive order arrived! Protein bars, energy chews, honey, and tech shirt… I’m ready to go!

Today’s workout: 7.00 miles at the gym in 1:06:33


Photo Mar 04, 5 24 20 PM

There’s no food picture for Friday, but I do have exciting news to share!  I was selected as a Destination Races ambassador!  By using code: DRAMBDUN when you sign up for a wine country half marathon, you’ll save $10!  What are you waiting for?  Go sign up!


Non-racing weekends are usually spent with the husband getting in as much quality time as possible.  His love language is definitely quality time.  With this being said, today was spent out-of-town at a Home & Garden expo.  Definitely not how I would choose to spend my Saturday, but in all good relationships, it’s about give and take. Right?! Hubby said he wanted to leave the house at 10am and I needed to get a 10 miler in.  It was raining, so off to the gym I went. (I am a weenie and do not like running in the rain unless I absolutely have to!)

Some say that they despise treadmill running, but I really don’t mind it so much.  It is my one time in which I get to watch a movie, TV show, documentary, etc. uninterrupted.  If I am at home, I rarely sit and watch a TV show or movie without multitasking (grading, blogging, etc.)  On this storming Saturday morning I rented The Barkley Marathon on iTunes for 99 cents. (This was before it was made available to stream on Netflix.)  Wow!  What a fantastic documentary!  I HIGHLY recommend watching it!  Watching men and women attempt to run 100+ miles in the mountains of Tennessee, definitely made my 10 miles feel like nothing!

Today’s workout: 10 miles at the gym in 1:30:42

While at the expo, you can imagine that our food choices were limited.  I opted for a baked potato with sour cream, cheese, and spices.  Hubby headed for the bacon wrapped hot dogs. 🙂

As for dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Cattlemen’s thanks to a student who gifted me a generous gift card to the restaurant.  Here’s what we enjoyed at Cattlemen’s…

All in all, a great day!


Photo Mar 06, 8 35 01 AM (1)What’s the perfect way to begin a Sunday morning?.. With waffles of course!  I enjoy my waffles with peanut butter and syrup.  How do you like your waffles?

After breakfast came church and grocery shopping. While grocery shopping, I had the funniest thing happen to me.  Hubby and I were walking through the produce section when I guy & gal approached me to ask how to pick a pineapple.  They must have seen the 3 – 4 pineapples sitting in my cart and assumed I knew a thing or two about the exotic fruit. Sadly, I do not feel as though I2 am an expert when it comes to picking out the perfect pineapple.  I told them some of what I remembered reading somewhere once and added in my own thoughts…

  1. If the leaves easily come out when you gently pull on one, the pineapple is ripe.
  2. The greener the pineapple, the less ripe it is.
  3. If there is mold present on the bottom of the pineapple, don’t buy it.

Do you know more about pineapples?  What else should I add to my knowledge of pineapples?

For dinner this evening, we enjoyed one of our family’s favorite quick and easy meals… breakfast burritos!  Truth be told, the kids prefer that I make them cheese quesadillas. The hubby likes his burrito stuffed full with potato, egg, and cheese.  I prefer my eggs, potatoes, and cheese in a bowl with some beans added in.  This meal is easy, quick, and a real crowd pleaser!

Photo Mar 06, 1 05 21 PM (1)

What’s your family’s quick, easy meal?  Do you cater to your kids / spouse?  Do you adapt the meal to make it something they will enjoy?


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