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Morning Run vs Evening Run: Which is best?

It’s the question all beginner runners ask. Which is best? A morning run or an evening run? The decision is not all about preference. There are scientific factors that come into play as well.

3 Mistakes I Made During My Last Virtual Race

Have you ever headed into a run and/or workout and felt totally unprepared? That was me during my most recent virtual race, the Across the Bay 12k & 415k. I’ve been a runner for the last eight or more years, yet I still made three mistakes during my last virtual race.

I’m a BibRave Pro!

You may have already seen on my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, but today I am officially announcing on my blog that I am indeed a …

1,000 Miles Year to Date

Yes, that’s right! On August 7th I hit that magical mark… 1,000 miles year to date!  My morning’s run of 6.45 miles brought my year …