Goodbye 2017

Woah!  I knew 2017 was going to be a “slower” year for me (race-wise), but I still somehow managed to run a total of 19 races (compared to the 29 races I ran in 2016)!


All of my 2017 medals are around my neck.  All of my 2016 medals are hanging up behind me. 



Distance # of races
5k 2
10K 2
15k 1
10 miler 2
Half Marathon 8
Marathon 4
TOTAL in 2017 19 races

I did not earn any new PRs in 2017 (I wasn’t trying to PR), but I did manage to complete my first Spartan!

I also ran/walked a total of 939 miles in 2017!  This is significantly lower than last year’s total, but I also spent about 2 months resting in 2017.  (Read about my time of Rest here.)


What’s in store for me in 2018?  A lot of exciting stuff, that’s for sure.  As a Rock ‘n’ Blogger (more about this later), a Bib Rave Pro, and a Beast Pacer, you’ll still see out and about for sure!

What’s on YOUR race calendar for 2018?  Any races that you recommend I sign up for in 2018?

Until next time,


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