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The First California International Marathon (CIM) Six hour Pacer

The First California International Marathon (CIM) Six hour Pacer

Becoming the first six-hour pacer in the history of the California International Marathon (CIM) was a dream come true! It’s taken me so long to write an official blog post about the experience because how do I even begin to describe such a mountain-top experience? The most surprising part of being the California International Marathon’s first six-hour pacer is the story of how I joined the pace team!

Review Falling Back Into Running with Knockaround

Falling Back Into Racing with Knockaround

With fall races in full swing, my newest Knockaround shades are seeing a lot of action! Since the start of fall, I have run one 5k, two half marathons, and one 20-miler in preparation for my upcoming fall full marathon. In all of my outdoor adventures, I always make sure to pack is a high-quality and affordable pair of sunglasses!

Meet Paula Bell

Meet Inspiring Paula Bell Longhaul Who’s On a Quest to Run a Marathon in All 50 States

Many aspire to run a marathon. Paula Bell Longhaul aspires to run a marathon in all 50 states! I had the privilege of sitting down with the one and only Paula Bell Longhaul of Charleston, South Carolina, to talk about all things marathon-related. Paula Bell, as she is most commonly referred to as, is not an elite runner. Instead, Paula Bell prides herself on being an average runner who runs for fun, who takes in the experience and stays injury-free. To date, Paula Bell has completed 32 marathons in 32 states. She plans to finish the final 18 states within the next six years, before her 40th birthday. The big question is, “Can she do it?!”