The Helpful Expert Guide You Need to Conquer Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus

Run to Escape Mission Mt. Olympus

There’s no greater feeling than conquering a difficult run! Conquering a series of six runs mixed with puzzles and intriguing storylines is even better! Here’s the helpful, expert guide you need to conquer the new Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus presented by Runkeeper.

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What is Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus

The best way to describe Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus presented by Runkeeper is that it is a virtual escape room powered by running.

A traditional escape room involves a team of people working together to find and solve puzzles, complete a given mission, find a key, and then escape the room that they’ve been locked in.

Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus is similar only there’s no room and in order to unlock the clues, you must run or walk the given distance. At the end of each of the six runs, you must take what you learned from the audio clues to then solve a puzzle before your next run is unlocked.

You may read more about this new virtual experience powered by running by reading my post “How to Add Entertainment, Motivation, and Fun to Your Next Run“.

The whole experience is based on the mission of helping Altalanta, the Goddess of Running, earn her spot on Mt. Olympus among the 12 major deities of the Greek Pantheon.

There are a total of six challenges in the series and each one features audio clues from a different character who has created a challenge to test Atalanta’s worth. You, the mortal, have been given the test of helping Atalanta solve each challenge to prove her worth.

Your Guide to Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus

Meet the Characters

Now that I have officially completed the virtual experience powered by running, I can confidently tell you that the seven characters you’ll meet throughout this virtual experience are so entertaining!

In the first challenge, you’ll meet Dionysus, the God of wine and parties. Listening to his clues made me want to relax post-run with an adult beverage of choice, but since I’m currently pregnant, I settled for sparkling water instead.

In the second challenge, you’ll meet Aphrodite, the Goddess of love! Aphrodite was loosely created after Samantha from “Sex and the City”. Can you say, “Ooo, la, la?!”

The third challenge features my favorite God, Apollo. Anyone else a “Schitt’s Creek” fan? As you listen to the audio clues from Apollo throughout your run, you’ll undoubtedly picture David and Alexis Rose.

My most surprising challenge was the fourth challenge, the challenge of Hades. Sadly, this challenge left me in the hospital with a bloody face! Have no fear, many other mortals completed the challenge of Hades unscathed.

Any Call of Duty fans? If so, you may find the challenge of Athena intriguing! Throughout her audio clues, you’ll hear references to this popular video game.

The final challenge is the Zeus Thunderbolt 10k. Zeus, as you know, is the God of Gods. Once you complete this challenge, not only will you have helped Atalanta complete her mission, but you’ll also unlock the Pantheon afterparty full of discounts (over $100 worth), custom playlists, recipes, and experiences curated by each of the Olympian gods.

The Puzzles of Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus

When I first signed up for this first-of-its-kind, virtual escape room powered by running, I was a little intimidated by the puzzles. Although I have my Master’s degree and consider myself to be pretty intelligent, puzzles are not really my thing.

I was also nervous about my lack of knowledge of Greek mythology. I remember reading a book in advanced placement English class my senior year of high school that maybe had something to do with Greek mythology.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a master puzzle solver nor be well-versed in Greek mythology to solve each of the six puzzles. Cue the applause!

For the most part, I was able to solve the puzzles on my own by utilizing only a handful of clues offered by Hermes, the Messenger God. Yes, there are hints available just in case you get stuck!

The puzzle that I found most challenging was Apollo’s since his was a two-part puzzle that involved digitally playing a lyre… so fun!

Although you can solve the puzzles without using a printer, you may find that printing the answer sheet you’re sent at the very beginning of the challenge helpful as you record each challenge’s secret code.

Final Thoughts

I certainly am no stranger to races, both in person and virtually. This, however, is not a race. It truly is a virtual experience.

Some of highlights of this virtual experience include:

  • Anybody can start at any time!
  • Complete all six challenges in one day, one week, or spread out over one month. It’s up to you!
  • Run or walk this virtual experience by yourself, with friends, and/or with family.
  • Generous refund policy. The Run to Escape: Mission to Mt. Olympus understands that this first-of-its-kind virtual experience is new and may not be for everyone.
  • Eco Friendly. No medal, no shirt, no waste!
  • Adds entertainment and fun to my runs.
  • Can be completed at your pace. Whether you run a 6-minute mile or an 18-minute mile, this virtual experience powered by running is for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to, use code BIBRAVE10 to save 10%, and register today!

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Your Guide to Conquering Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus Presented by Runkeeper


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