From One Strong Mom to Another: Your Health Matters

From One Strong Mom to Another: Your Health Matters

Being a mom is the most joyous, yet the most exhausting job in the world! With constant tasks and caring for others, at the end of the day you often feel exhausted and you wonder how you can ever improve your own health. From one strong mom to another, I’m here to tell you that your health matters. Let’s explore simple steps you can take today on the road to improved health.

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Move Your Body

Movement is the key to not only improved physical health, but mental health as well. Notice how I didn’t say, “Exercise.” This is because too often we view “exercise” as a form of punishment. We punish our bodies for what we ate and/or how it looks.

Movement, however, is a celebration of what your body has done and continues to do for you. Your body holds your crying child, prepares meals for your family, and is recognizable as “mom” to your child.

When seeking movement you can incorporate into your daily life, consider movement you enjoy, not “exercise” that you think you have to do. Movement you enjoy will be movement that you commit to doing every day because it’s enjoyable and brings those feel good vibes to your life.

As for the duration of movement, aim for moving your body for a minimum of 150 minutes a week. These 150 minutes should be at moderate intensity level. Your body should start to feel warm, but you’re still able to hold a conversation.

You can break the 150 minutes up over the course of seven, five, or three days. This is your choice. You can do three 10 minute movement sessions a day or one 30 minute session. Again, this is your choice.

Whether your kids are babies or teenagers, think how you can include them in your choice of movement. Can you go on a walk together, a bike ride, play a game of basketball together, go swimming, etc.? The more your kids see you moving your body, the more they will want to be active with you.

Respect Your Body

What you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, is not what your child sees when they loving look into your eyes. Your child sees their mom, a source of strength, comfort, and compassion. They see the woman who comes to their aid every time they scream, “Mom!”

The words you think about yourself, would you ever speak these same words to your children? If the answer is a resounding no, consider writing some love notes to yourself and putting them on every mirror in your house.

These love notes may be something like, “You are loved. You are valued. You are perfectly made. Your health matters.” As you say these love notes aloud to yourself, also consider thanking your body for what it does for you. These statements may be something like, “Thank you for carrying in all of the groceries from the car. Thank you for cheering loudly at the soccer game. Thank you for waking up today ready to conquer the world.”

You’ll find that the more your respect your body, the more your mental well-being and overall satisfaction with your body will improve. You can not hate yourself to improved health, so show yourself more love, respect, and gratitude starting today.

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Ditch the Diets

Does the thought of going on another “diet” make you want scream and run in the other direction? Yes, me too! Diets may provide you short-term weight loss, but in the end leave you returning to old habits and an increased weight on the scale.

You, my friend, are the expert of your own body. There’s no one magic diet that works for all people and all bodies. Most diet plans out there are riddled with restriction and failure. It’s not you who have failed the diets, it’s the diets that have failed you!

When we make peace with food, honor our hunger, and feel our fullness, then we can begin loving our bodies with gentle nutrition. Eating your favorite dessert or meal does not make you a “bad” person. The number on the scale does not equate your worth.

If you’re ready to cultivate a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body, let’s chat. I specialize in helping women like you find freedom from food and body anxiety, gain confidence, and radically love themselves without dieting. (Read more about Coach Stephanie.)

It’s Never Too Late to Discover that Your Health Matters

Thinking that it’s too late for better health? It’s never too late. My own mom, who is in her 60s, a few months ago said, “Enough is enough!” She has begun regularly moving her body, honoring her health with gentle nutrition, and has seen incredible results!

My mom suffers from excruciating pain that radiates throughout her whole body, yet she has begun walking four miles a day. She, in fact, has even started running!

She is proof that it’s never too late. To say that I’m proud of my mom would be an understatement. We, in fact, recently completed the first annual RunStrongRun Mother’s Day 5k together as a celebration of strong mothers and strong daughters!

As you reflect on the idea that your health matters, remember that you can do it. Take it one small step at a time. Just as much as you want to raise healthy kids, your health matters too.

Tell me, what’s the one thing you wish you could improve about your health? I’d love to hear from you.

Love Stephanie, your cheerleader for improved mental and physical health
From One Strong Mom to Another: Your Health Matters


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