From One Strong Mom to Another: Your Health Matters

Being a mom is the most joyous, yet the most exhausting job in the world! With constant tasks and caring for others, at the end of the day you often feel exhausted and you wonder how you can ever improve your own health. From one strong mom to another, I’m here to tell you that your health matters. Let’s explore simple steps you can take today on the road to improved health.

The Shocking Truth About the Day I Broke My Face

Who knew walking was such a dangerous sport? Never in a million years did I think something as simple as a morning walk would lead to gushing blood, a trip to the emergency room, and some missing teeth. Here’s the shocking truth about the day I broke my face.

How to find motivation today

How to Add Entertainment, Motivation, and Fun to Your Next Run

Running the same route day after day can get quite boring and monotonous! Have no fear. I’m here to tell you there’s hope! Here’s how to add entertainment, motivation, and fun to your next run.

How to Crush Your Goals in 5 Simple Steps

How to Crush Your Goals Now in 5 Simple Steps

There’s no greater feeling than supporting someone else in making their dreams a reality! This is why I’m passionate about supporting you as you crush your goals. Here are 5 simple steps to finally check those goals off of your list (with a FREE checklist download)!

10 Powerful Lessons Learned from my 10 Years of Running

It’s almost hard to believe that 10 years ago I headed out for my very first run and made it one block! Fast forward to today and I’ve completed 20 full marathons, logged over 1,000 miles in 2016, and have radically changed my life! Here are 10 powerful lessons I’ve learned in my 10 years of running.

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