3 Mistakes I Made During My Last Virtual Race

Have you ever headed into a run and/or workout and felt totally unprepared? That was me during my most recent virtual race, the Across the Bay 12k & 415k. I’ve been a runner for the last eight or more years, yet I still made three mistakes during my last virtual race.

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The Three Mistakes

The first mistake I made during my most recent virtual race was that I started too late. With a high of 100 plus degrees, I should have started my run closer to 6am, not 8am. By the time I finished my run, it was already 85 degrees! The ice cold water that I had in my handheld Nathan water bottle was warm within the first mile. I don’t know about you, but on most summer runs, all I really want to drink is ice cold water! Races that serve ice cold popsicles at the aid stations are my favorite!

I was so thankful that I was wearing my new BUFF Pack Run visor because it kept me cool and protected my face from the sun. A visor or hat is definitely an essential for all of your outdoor adventures!

The second mistake that I made was not eating something before I left for my run. I don’t really classify a 7.5 mile run as a “long run” which would require me to prepare fuel to consume during my run. I thought, therefore, that I’d be fine to quickly go out for my run, then return home to eat breakfast. Sadly, this was not the case.

For the last five weeks, I have been juicing one to three meals a day. Quickly into my run, I realized that my body needed fuel. I felt weak and low of energy. Not only that, but before I had reached the halfway point, I had already drank all of my water. I was one very thirsty and hungry runner!

Starbucks is my usual go-to coffee shop, but when I ran past a local coffee shop at mile 4, I decided that THIS was going to be my saving grace!

I stopped and enjoyed an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich along with an iced black coffee and an ice water. A fellow runner saw me with my race bib on and asked, “Oh, is there a race happening today?”

I nonchalantly replied, “Yes. It’s the Across the Bay 12k & 415k. This is my aid station” as I sat there with my feet propped up.

After fueling my body with some much needed hydration and food, I continued on my way to cross my own virtual finish line.

Final Takeaway

My one final take-away from the virtual Across the Bay 12k is that I miss my people! Running races alongside my running friends is way more fun than running all by myself! I, like so many others, am looking forward to the day in which we can all reunite once more. Despite these 3 mistakes that I made during my last virtual run, I had fun and am proud of another race finished.

Love Stephanie of runstrongrun.com
3 Things I Learned From my Virtual Race


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