What No One Tells You About Beer Runs

Whether you run for medals, for fun, or for beer, there are a few surprising facts no one tells you about beer runs!

Listen to “What No One Tells You About Beer Runs” read aloud by the author, Stephanie.

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Finish Line Beer

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being presented with an ice cold beer after crossing the finish line of a race. You find a place to sit down and take that first glorious sip while chatting with friends or a complete stranger. (Don’t you love how the running community is so welcoming and friendly?)

One beer run race that I enjoy participating in is the IPA 10k in Sebastopol, California. After finishing this 10k race, each runner receives their finisher medal and a mini-pint. The mini-pint is good for tastings at the post-race Brewfest featuring the region’s finest craft brews and ciders, bands and exhibitors.

Finding your motivation to run can be difficult, so if running for beer helps propel you to the finish line, then do it!

Beer as Hydration

Drinking beer post run is not a bad way to rehydrate your body. According to a new study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, drinking a beer has no negative effects on hydration in active individuals.

Many athletes are turning to non-alcoholic beer over sports drinks for their post run recovery drinks.

“Non-alcoholic beer contains water, carbohydrates, protein and micronutrients. It’s a natural isotonic drink, meaning it contains a similar amount of salt and sugar as found in the human body. Usually consumed by endurance athletes, isotonic drinks replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweating. An ice-cold alcohol-free beer is therefore not only refreshing, but is also ideal after a long training session to prevent cramping and aid in recovery.”

Alcohol-free beer: The perfect recovery beverage?

Health Benefits of Beer

A healthy lifestyle is one in which you mindfully eat a balanced diet filled with nutrient-dense foods. Beer, therefore, should not be labeled as “bad” and avoided at all costs. Beer, in fact, contains various health benefits.

In the article “7 Healthy Reasons to Be Drinking Beer“, Rachel Schultz writes that drinking beer protects the brain, boosts your immunity, strengthens your bones, is a healthy source of vitamins, protects your hearts, and lowers your risk of diabetes.

As stated before, the best way to eat (and drink) is through a well balanced, nutrient-dense lifestyle. Although there are some healthy reasons to drink beer, this does not mean that you should be drinking a 12 pack nightly. This would not be following a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I have drank a variety of beers after running races as short as 5ks to as long as marathons! It truly is a perfect post-race beverage!

Comment below with your favorite post-race beverage and/or your favorite beer run?

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What no one tells you about beer runs!


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