Nutrition Week of 02/08 to 02/14

This is my third week of posting my nutrition for the week.  To check out my first week’s post go HERE.  I have decided to post about my weekly nutrition to 1) keep myself accountable and 2) to have as a resource for others when they ask me, “Where do you find your protein if you are a No Meat Athlete?” If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading “The Journey to Becoming a No Meat Athlete“.  Without any further ado, here’s what I ate this week…




Monday morning started off with a bang since it was a holiday!  Before running to the grocery store that morning I made myself a delicious Jason Vale smoothie that I found on his Instagram page.  I love that Jason Vale posts recipes on his Instagram for others to see just how delicious all of his drinks, smoothies, salads, soups, etc. are!Copy of Nutrition


After the grocery store, I made myself another Jason Vale drink found on his Super Juice Me app.  I then grabbed a Lara Bar to throw in my bag as a “just in case I get hungry” and then headed out the door to run some errands.

For dinner, I whipped up a Jason Vale salad recipe found on his Super Fast Food app.  It is a salad that I tried for the first time the week before, loved it, and just had to have it again.  Mozzarella, pear, and date salad drizzled with an orange & balsamic reduction… delicious!

Today’s workout: 3.1 mile run in 28:40



IMG_7380All this week, we (hubby and I) started our day with a Jason Vale smoothie for breakfast, a thin juice for lunch, and then another smoothie for an afternoon snack.  I also supplemented in a Lara Bar for a mid-morning snack to keep me energized for my 5th graders.

As for dinner on Tuesday, I decided to try a new recipe from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app.  Tonight’s new recipe was Super Quinoa Salad.  Since hubby doesn’t do spicy nor chilies, I left these two ingredients out.  Needless to say, it needed some kick.  Next time, I will still add it in, but first take some of the salad out for the hubby before adding it in.

Today’s workout: 4.05 mile run in 41:00


Wednesday was a burger kind of night.  I tried another Jason Vale recipe, Jasey’s Spicy Mint ‘N’ Avo Veggie Burger, and it was delicious!  Probably one of the best veggie burgers I have every had!  Since the boys in my house (hubby and the 10 year old boy) are carnivores, I made each of them a Jennie-O turkey burger.  Hubby took one look at my delicious veggie burger and asked, “Where’s mine?” 😉

Today’s workout: 6.13 mile run in 58:05


Thursday nights are normally good nights for me.  I am normally so excited that the next day is Friday, which means that it is almost the weekend!  Tonight, despite taking the kids to a long orthodontist appointment after school, I felt energized to try a new recipe.  It was another one from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app… Thyme for Veggie Bake with Melted Mozzarella.

Wow!  It was SUPER delicious!  Hubby thought it had a little too much cheese, but I loved it!  The kids did not try the veggie bake because they had their own food.  When I quickly stopped by the grocery store after their orthodontist appointment, the kids smelled fried chicken, I caved, and I bought them some.  When hubby saw the fried chicken and macaroni & cheese on the kids’ plates he asked, “Where’s my fried chicken & mac n cheese?”  IMG_7484

I responded, “I’m trying to keep you alive, not kill you!”  I still felt bad, however, and asked hubby what I could do to make it up to him.

He replied with a smile on his face, “Make me a dessert?”

I whipped him up some fresh baked chocolate cookies (which I did not eat) before heading out the door to get to the gym.  Look at that happy look on his handsome face!

Today’s workout: 4.00 mile run in 38:27




Friday was a day of choices.  Do I choose to skip my workout for today or wake up extra early to get it in before work?  Do I eat all of the chocolates my students give me or give some of it away?  Do I gorge on all of the unhealthy food laid out in the teacher’s lounge or do I pick up some fruit?  Do I order nachos or a salad for dinner?

I am proud to announce that I got through the day with making good choices!  I did a 3 mile run and upper body workout at the gym all before 5:30am.  I chose to give away a lot of the candy and chocolates that my students gave me.  I elected to eat fruit as opposed to gorging on the other delicious foods laid out in the teacher’s lounge.  Finally, I ordered a salad for dinner instead of nachos at Rubio’s in the mall.  What a great day!


Today’s workout: Love on the Rocks 5K with the 13 year old daughter

Saturday was a long, but fun-filled day.  The 13 year old set a PR for a 5k that we did together, we went shopping, and someone mistook us for sisters!  As for food, I had a delicious vegetarian Mexican salad at Aca Taco for lunch and a spinach tamale for dinner. Can you tell what my favorite type of food is?


Since I ran the 5k race with the daughter the day before, Sunday became my long run day. (I normally prefer Saturdays as my long run days.)  Getting to church at 9am is important to me, so I knew I’d have to set my alarm pretty early if I planned on running 14 miles before church.  My alarm went off at 4am and I was out the door by 5:20am!  To fuel me on my run, I ate a Honey Stinger protein bar pre-run and then ate some Honey Stinger chews mid-run. It was a fantastic 14 mile run in some new running tights that I bought the day before! Post-run I drank a Jason Vale smoothie and had some coffee.  For lunch I had a spinach tamale (yes, again… the night before I went to Carlitos with hubby, and on Sunday I met my in-laws at Carlitos for lunch).  Yum!  We love Carlitos!  As for dinner, I whipped together the Caesar salad recipe from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food app.  Overall, a great day!

Honey Stinger
I love Honey Stinger!

How did you do on your nutrition this week?  Did you gorge on many Valentine’s day candies and chocolates?

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