Five Friday Faves

Yay! It’s Friday! Since I am a fan of alliteration, here are my five Friday faves in no favored fashion. 😉

1. Planet Fitness

If you haven’t seen lately I’m back at the gym. It’s only been a week at Planet Fitness, but I’m already feeling the difference. I don’t know about you, but for me when I work out I eat better. And when I eat better, I want to work out. The opposite is true too. When I don’t work out, I eat worse, went to eat worse, I don’t work out. This is one of the many reasons why I am love that I am back at the gym and feeling fantastic!

2. Jason Vale. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that I am fan of Jason Vale. I’ll be honest and say that I got off the bandwagon with following Jason Vale’s recipes but I’m back on the bandwagon. Jason Vale is known as a “Juice Master” but he has other recipes for salads, smoothies, soups, dinners, deserts, and more! This week I have been making a Jason Vale smoothie in the morning and then making a Jason Vale dinner at night. Again, I have so much more energy and I feel so much better throughout the day when I eat healthy.

3. RX Bars. My recent love of RX Bars it’s thanks to my sister-in-law. Every weekend for the last month I’ve been hiking with my brother, sister-in-law and their son who is six weeks older than Seraphina. On one particular hike I was feeling quite famished and my sister-in-law whipped out an RX bar for me. It was amazing how much more energy I had after I ate the RX bar! “RXBARs are protein bars made with a few simple ingredients that are perfect for breakfast on the go, as protein-packed snack bars, or as a pre/post-workout fuel.” I figure, why fill my body with unknown ingredients when I can feed my body with an excellent tasting RX Bar and know exactly why I’m putting in my body.

4. Handful Bras. Besides a good pair of running shoes, another vital piece of running comfort for ladies such as myself is finding a supportive, comfortable, stylish, and flattering sports bra. There’s nothing worse than chafing during a race or training run due to an ill-fitting sports bra! Recently, I received my third Handful Bra, the Y Back Bra. It may be my favorite Handful Bra out of the three I own. (I also own the Closer Bra and the Adjustable Sports Bra.) . The fabric of the Y Back Bra is so silky smooth making it amazingly comfortable to wear! Not only is the fabric fantastic, but it is supportive and stylish too! (Anyone else run in just their sport bra at home? 😂)

5. Plug In/Hybrid Vehicles. I’ve been driving my new 2020 Toyota Prius Prime for almost two months now. I’ve driven about 2,500 miles and have filled up my gas tank only three times! As seen in the picture below, I was able to drive 500 miles on less than half of an 11 gallon tank of gas and average 120 miles per gallon! My mpg would have been even higher if I was able to plug in my car at work. ☹ I drive about 20 miles to work on both city streets as well as the highway. I’m able to drive to work using only my electric battery. Sadly, on my return drive home, my electric battery runs out and then my plug in / hybrid vehicle becomes just a regular hybrid vehicle. My car as a regular hybrid vehicle, however, still gets way better gas mileage than a standard gas powered vehicle! Overall, I am very happy with the choice to purchase my plug in / hybrid vehicle!

What are some of your Friday Faves? Tell me in the comments below!

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