Napa Valley Marathon Expo

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One of my favorite places to run races, since I have many, is the Napa Valley. I’ve ran the Napa to Sonoma half, the Healdsburg half, and the Santa Rosa marathon, but never the Napa Valley marathon. I, therefore, had no idea what to expect at the Napa Valley Marathon expo.

I had the privilege of not only attending the race expo, but working the expo as well! As a California International Marathon ambassador, one of your duties is to volunteer at expos to promote CIM when you can. I love volunteering at expos for a variety of reasons! 1. I get to talk to people about CIM, one of my favorite races. 2. I get to meet so many different people. 3. I get so energized and my bucket is filled from my interactions at the expo. (I seriously need to find a job in which I travel, run all the races, and meet all the people!)

Before starting my shift at the CIM booth, I picked up my bib, my VIP swag (a bottle of wine, a Nuun water bottle, a $20 credit towards official NVM merchandise, and custom NVM BibBoards), and checked out the race vendors. When I saw Oofos, I just had to stop and take a pic!

One of the many people I met at the expo was a gentleman named Darryl Beardall. According to Darryl, he has run 31 CIMs and has recorded 300,000 lifetime miles between 1959-1994! Just running a quick Google search of his name you can find a Runners World article, a Go Fund me page, as well as several other articles outlining his lifetime of running achievements. Such an inspiration!

Another inspiring person I met was Lynette who has lost 85 pounds and is running her very first half marathon at the Napa Valley Marathon. I told her that she’s going to get to hooked like I did 8 years ago. You can find Lynette on Instagram at where she posts about her many reptiles that she has rescued.

If you’ve ever ran a race, you’ve probably seen these guys out on the course… the race photographers. I had the pleasure of talking to these two Southern California photographers who work for My Ep Events. I told them that when they see me out on the course to please take a picture of me at a better angle. I asked them why race photographers always take pictures from such a low angle. Their response? To get more of the scenery in the background. 😂

I’m trying to remember when I first met Haley… I’m not sure. It must have been a few years ago when I first became a CIM ambassador. Haley worked for the Sacramento Running Association. I had the pleasure of running into Haley again at the Napa Valley Marathon expo where she made sure I had a ticket to the all-you-can-eat pasta feed with a half-dozen pasta choices, and all the local wine and beer!

This was my plate at the pasta dinner. Everything was delicious!

The people I met at the dinner was the best part! I sat next to a gentleman from England and across from this couple from Mexico City. It was so much fun to get to practice my Spanish with them!

Before leaving the pasta dinner, I sat and chatted with these two gentlemen who serve on the board of the Napa Valley Marathon. It’s so much fun to run races and even more fun to hear about what goes on behind the scenes of a successful, well-known race such as the Napa Valley Marathon!

I, of course, would love to earn another postpartum PR at tomorrow’s Napa Valley Marathon’s half marathon, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. Depending on how I’m feeling, I may just take it easy, enjoy the sights, and run happy.

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