Share the Spark 2020

It’s here! The official 2020 #sharetheSPARK campaign! The #sharetheSPARK campaign truly hits at the heart of Momentum – to inspire & motivate others in their personal and athletic lives to do more, be more, to support & celebrate more.

The official campaign will run February 18th – March 3rd. To kick off the start of the campaign, I’m thrilled to announce the two new sayings that I absolutely love…

One of the things I love about the Momentum sayings is that each saying can mean something different for each person or for each situation. For me, the “Remember Your Why & Soar” has two different meanings in my life. First, in the middle of a difficult training run or strength training session, I must remember why I’m training, focus on that, and then soar! Second, in the midst of a difficult day in my classroom as a 5th grade teacher, I can look down at my Momentum wrap, remember why I first wanted to become a teacher, and then soar.

As for the “Just Watch Me” saying, to me it’s like saying, “Oh yeah? You think I can’t do this? Well, just watch me!” Silence those naysayers and do it!

The #sharetheSPARK campaign is here and there’s two new sayings… “Remember your why & SOAR” and “Just Watch Me!” Which one speaks to you more? How are you going to #sharetheSPARK?

You too can join in on the #sharetheSPARK campaign! Buy a Momentum wrap (or two or many) and give a Momentum wrap. Your recipient can be friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or even a stranger you meet on the trail! The idea is to gift a Momentum wrap to someone (ideally in person) who you would like to offer a little extra show of support and encouragement to.

Be sure to tag @momentumjewlery and use #sharetheSPARK in your posts when you share your #sharetheSPARK story across the various social media platforms! I’m so excited to read about and see everyone’s stories for how you #sharetheSPARK this year!

What are you waiting for?  Head on over to Momentum Jewelry and buy a wrap, two, or many. Together we can motivate and inspire many!

SALE: From February 18th – March 3rd, all #sharetheSPARK Motivate Wraps will be on sale for $12, including our 2 new sayings! 

BONUS: Buy 3 #sharetheSPARK Motivate Wraps and receive a FREE Foot Note!* 

*choose from select sayings and no coupon needed, offer will automatically be available.

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