Why I Almost Didn’t Make it to the RnR San Jose Start Line

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Race weekend almost didn’t happen for me. It all started Thursday after work while driving to pick up baby from daycare. I heard a funny sound coming from my car and wondered what it was. When I arrived to my destination 10 minutes later, I heard the sound no one enjoys… the sound of air escaping quickly from your tire. I had a flat tire.

For a prepared person, this wouldn’t be a big deal. For an unprepared person like myself, it proved to be a challenge to say the least.

My unfortunate flat tire proved to be a challenge because 1) My car did not come with a spare tire nor does it have a space to store a spare tire. My husband encouraged me to purchase a spare tire just in case and keep it at our house, but I did not head his advice. 2) I do not have AAA (but now I do). 3) My car got a flat tire about 30 minutes away from my house.

In the midst of my unfortunate flat tire, I also found blessings. 1) My tire became completely flat outside of Seraphina’s daycare which just so happens to be my husband’s aunt’s house. She went above and beyond helping with both the tire and the baby. 2) My husband had just returned from a trip out of state. He drove straight from the airport to me to assist with my flat tire. 3) My dad graciously allowed me to borrow his truck so I could get to work the next day. My mom not only took the tire to a repair shop the next day, but she also brought the repaired tire out to my work (30 minutes away), brought me my favorite cookies as a treat, picked the baby up from daycare while we put the tire back on my car, AND drove BACK out to the location of my car late at night so we could retrieve it. Wow! 4) My tire was repaired for free thanks to a local tire shop! #blessingsabound

With all of that said, this flat tire ordeal took up all of Thursday afternoon/evening and all day Friday. My plan was that I was going to drive to San Jose Saturday, go to the expo to pick up my bib, spend the night, and then run the half on Sunday morning. I called and canceled my hotel room Thursday night because 1) I thought I was going to need to take my car in to the service department on Saturday to get recalibrated 2) I thought I was going to be spending a couple of hundred dollars to get my tire repaired, car serviced, etc. 3) Thursday night was my last chance to cancel my hotel room without paying a cancellation fee.

Friday evening came around, however, and my car was repaired and ready to go. I tried calling the hotel to get my original room back for the same price, but sadly, the hotel now wanted double for the same room. Thanks, but no thanks. Fortunately, I found a comparable room walking distance to the start/finish line for less than the original room. #anotherblessing

This brings us now to Saturday evening. My husband, baby, and I all made it to San Jose and spent a wonderful evening together at the expo, dinner, and checking out the finish line.

At the RnR expo!
Checking out the finish line!
Enjoying the lights of downtown San Jose!

I’m eager to run the half marathon tomorrow and improve my time from last year when I was almost 8 months pregnant!

Good luck to everyone else running tomorrow!

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