Why I Almost Didn’t Make it to the RnR San Jose Start Line

Race weekend almost didn’t happen for me. It all started Thursday after work while driving to pick up baby from daycare. I heard a funny sound coming from my car and wondered what it was. When I arrived to my destination 10 minutes later, I heard the sound no one enjoys... the sound of air escaping quickly from your tire. I had a flat tire.

Countdown to RnR San Fran

I'm so excited to be running Rock n Roll San Francisco this weekend for the second year in a row! Last year, I ran it while pregnant. This year, that baby is now 4 months old!

My First DNS (Did Not Start)

My travels to Seattle for the Rock 'n' Roll 5k and Half marathon events did not go as expected.  Things started out wonderfully: an on-time flight Friday night, a 5k PR Saturday morning, and a meet-up with friends.  From then on, the weekend made a turn for the worst. 

Race Recap: Rock n Roll San Francisco

A race that has been on my bucket list for a while now is Rock 'N' Roll San Francisco.  Fortunately, as a member of the RockNBlog team, I'm able to run all the races!  (Ok, maybe not all, but as many as I can manage.)

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