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In less than a week, I will be traveling to Southern California to walk across the stage to earn my Master’s Degree AND to cross the finish line of my 17th full marathon at the Orange County Marathon!

I started my Master’s program in Educational Leadership and Administration in May 2018. Many thought I was crazy. I was two months pregnant at the time and working full time as a 5th grade teacher. I knew that if I wanted to earn my Master’s degree, however, it was either now or never. I figured that trying to get work done with a non-mobile baby would be a whole lot easier than trying to do so with a crawling, moving baby. Life has been pretty darn crazy these last 12 months, but I’ve completed 30 units of graduate work through working full time and giving birth to my firstborn!

As for the Orange County Marathon, am I physically prepared for a 26.2 mile race? No, not really. I haven’t run a full marathon since unofficially pacing the California International Marathon in December of 2017. Even as I typed that, I wondered, “Really? Has it really been that long?”

My plan for the OC Marathon is to follow a 1:2 run/walk. I will run one minute, walk two minutes. This is the same plan I used at CIM in 2017 to finish in six hours. I hope to do the same for the OC Marathon. I most recently practiced this run/walk pace while pushing my five month old baby in our Bob Blaze stroller. I felt great throughout the run, so that gives me hope for this Sunday.

I’ll be traveling to Southern California with my five month old, hubby, and mom. I’m excited to spend time with them and so grateful for their support!

Are you interested in running the Orange County Marathon and/or the 5k? Use code BIBRAVE10 to save 10% on any distance including the combo run. Not quite ready to tackle a full marathon? There’s also the option to run a half marathon!

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