It’s Time for a Streak

Have you ever participated in a streak? No, not that kind of streak! I’m talking about a run streak.

If you’re a regular streaker or new to the streak scene, now is your time to join in on a streak! Even if you can only walk a mile a day, that still counts!

When: From May 1-31
Who: We want YOU and all of your Strava buddies to join us.
What: All are encouraged to participate and RUN/walk at least a mile and log it on Strava every day in May. Make sure to join the Public BibRave Strava Run Club:
Hashtags: Use #BibChat and #StravaRun

Challenge: My friend, Janelle (@janellemcleod_ ), is turning 36 years old. She encourages everyone to log 36 miles between 5/1-5/9. Use #36MilesForJanelle to join in!

I’ll see you on the streak!

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  1. I’ll be streaking too! I’m in for Janelle as well. I’ve never met her, but other than the fact that she’s a Giants fan, she’s AWESOME.

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