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San Francisco remains as one of my favorite places to run. The views, the people, the smells and the sounds are amazing! Race weekend I had not one chance to run, but TWO… a shakeout fun run on Saturday followed by the half marathon on Sunday!

Shakeout Run and Expo

One of the reasons why I love running so much is for the social aspect. I had no clue the number of running friends I’d make just from getting involved in the online running community three years ago! Since I love every chance I get to meet up with my running friends, when I heard about the We Run Social shakeout run, I was in!

I arrived in San Francisco at about 2:30pm on Saturday. I parked and headed to the expo. The Rock n Roll expo is awesome! Lots of picture opportunities, well organized, easy to navigate, a well stocked Brooks department, and vendors with freebies! I bought my first pair limited edition Brooks Launch 5 Rock n Roll shoes at Rock n Roll San Diego in June 2018. They got me through all of my runs while pregnant, so I figured it was time to buy another pair. (I’m not the best at replacing my shoes as often as I should.)

After buying all the things and taking all the pictures, I made it through the expo in time to run back to my car to drop off my things. I then quickly ran back to the meet-up spot next to the expo.

If you don’t yet know about “We Run Social“, I recommend you check them out and connect. There are meet ups throughout the year all across the country. This fun run consisted of a 5K run which started at the expo and ended at the Cow Hollow Lululemon store. One of the highlights of this fun run was getting the chance to see Lombard Street up close. So close that we got to traverse up Lombard Street. Many of us laughed that a shakeout run involved so many difficult hills. We made it through however and had a great time. I even celebrated by entering my first Lululemon shop and buying my first Lululemon piece of running attire!

Race Day

Usually, when I run a race in San Francisco I spend the night. Since I now have a baby, traveling looks a little different. I, therefore, made the 2.5-hour drive home Saturday evening and then turned around six hours later to make the drive back to San Francisco.  What’s nice about driving to a big city at 3:30am is that there’s virtually no traffic! When I arrived to my prepaid parking space in San Francisco, I had to wait since they were out of parking spaces. How does a company (such as Spot Hero) presell you a parking spot, but then fills up the space leaving you without a parking spot? Fortunately, the attendant found a few more spaces in an adjacent lot.

Rock n Roll San Francisco changed their starting line this year. Three days prior to the event, the following email went out to all participants.

At first, the wristband seemed like a cool idea, but in actuality, I’m not sure how great it turned out to be.  1) The bands were small and felt really tight on the wrist. Who wants to be wearing something tight on their wrist while running?  2) The colors were not synched properly. A group of people all in the same corral had different colors showing on their wristband.  3) The email said that the wristbands would “enhance your musical experience”. How so? I don’t recall experiencing any enhancement while out on course.

With the delay in finding a parking spot, I barely made it to the starting line after stopping to use the restroom. In the over 6,000 runners and the different start line procedure, I was able to locate my fellow Pro Compression people since we were all wearing the same California sock. We lined up and away we went!

The new Rock n Roll San Francisco starting line.

Three weeks prior to Rock n Roll San Francisco, I ran the Shamrock’n half marathon with a time of 2:57:04. I ended up finishing Rock n Roll San Francisco with a time of 2:49:07. I was proud of this speed increase because I gained 142 feet at Shamrock’n and 1,471 feet at Rock n Roll San Francisco. I also stopped several times to take pictures along the course of RnRSF.

Some of my top highlights of RnRSF were running over AND under the Golden Gate Bridge, running in the Pier 39 area, and meeting up with so many of my running friends.

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