Race Recap: SF Giant Race

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As stated previously in my pre-Giant Race blog post, I was really looking forward to running the Giant Race in San Francisco! This race definitely did not disappoint.  It’s difficult to believe that the race was already two weeks ago.  What’s even more surprising is that my next half marathon is in two weeks (Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose)!

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Although I normally choose to stay in a hotel when a race is over two hours away from my house, this time I decided to just drive down the morning of.  What normally takes 2.5 hours to drive, took me a little under two hours to drive in the wee hours of 4 o’clock in the morning.  A fellow BibRave Pro was kind enough to pick up my bib for me and a different BibRave Pro met me at the race starting line. (Thank you Barb and Sarah!)


I arrived at the race start at about 6am.  I was able to meet up with Sarah, pick up my bib & other goodies, take what I didn’t need back to my car, and then make my way to the starting line. I had not realized how large of a race this was.  I was glad I had given myself extra time and had arrived at the starting line early.


The race both started and ended at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.  I had never been to the park before, so this was certainly a highlight of mine.

Before I knew it, the race started and off we went!  From mile 1 – 4 I felt good.  I decided not to follow a regimented run/walk pace, but instead more go based on how my body felt at the time.  At about mile 4.5 things started making a turn for the worse because I had to use the restroom (even though I had already stopped and peed at mile 2.5). #pregnancyproblems


I didn’t find a bathroom until close to the turnaround at mile 6.5.  I basically walked the whole rest course (from mile 4 to the end, mile 13.1). Besides feeling pregnancy discomfort in my belly, I also struggled with feeling discomfort in my feet during the race. I also experienced chafing despite wearing capris.  My chafing was so uncomfortable that it made walking back to my car after the race quite unpleasant.


Overall, I was quite impressed with the race.  Clear course mile markers, many volunteers out on the course to cheer on the racers as well as direct us, well-stocked aid stations, and organized starting and finishing festivities.  A few highlights of the finish line included finishing at AT&T Park field, having access to a photo booth, and being given a bag in the food area to stash all of our goodies.


At 29 weeks pregnant, I knew going into the race that my time wasn’t going to be anything record breaking.  What I am proud of is the fact that I didn’t finish last, I ran some of the course, and I finished.

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Would I return to run the Giant Race again?  Yes, absolutely!  See you there next year?

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