Friday Fave: The BOB Blaze

For as long as I can remember. I have wanted to be a strong and fierce BOB stroller mom. When given the opportunity to receive the newest BOB, the Blaze, I squealed with excitement! REI just exclusively launched the sale of the Blaze, so now I can officially unbox it and share it with you!

The Unboxing

The excitement of knowing the contents of the boxes, but not being able to open them until now has been almost more than I could bear! Here’s the full unboxing video.

The last two weeks, I’ve been blessed by two baby showers for baby girl and myself.  Although I’ve received some amazing gifts, this box was one of my favorites to open. Overall, I’d say that the BOB Blaze stroller was pretty easy to put together.  There was an instruction booklet, but I didn’t find it until I was already finished putting it together.

The Features

  • Large, fixed front wheel provides unmatched stability for all your training sessions.  When I first read that the front wheel is attached, I asked my husband, “How I am going to turn?”  During my first go around with an empty stroller (since baby is still cooking), I found that the stroller was stable and still able to turn when necessary.  I’m assuming that the designers created the Blaze with a front fixed wheel, similar to that of the Ironman stroller, to give the serious runner added stability.  Although I am not a “fast” runner now, I hope to get back there again soon.
  • 16” semi-slick, air-filled tires on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels are built for speed, just like a road bike.  I found that the stroller was easy to push and had minor friction against the pavement.
  • Hand-activated, front-caliper brake for added control when jogging downhill. As I was out on my test run and going down the hill off of the levee, I was thankful for the handbrake (and this was without the added weight of baby)!
  • 9-position, adjustable handlebar offers the perfect fit for parents of all heights.  When I first stood behind the stroller (as seen in my unboxing video), the handlebar was quite tall.  With a quick and easy push of a button, I was able to adjust the handlebar to the perfect height for my 5’5″ frame.


  • Mountain bike-style suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride.
  • Handlebar console with 2 cup holders and center pouch keeps water and phone nearby. (Plus, 4 additional mesh pockets throughout stroller). I was so excited that the console comes as a part of the stroller.  No need to go out an buy a separate part!  I was able to put my water bottle in one side, my phone on the other side, and my GoPro in the middle zippered pouch.
  • Large, zip-top cargo basket keeps belongings secure on all your adventures. Yes, that’s right.  The cargo basket below the stroller is enclosed via a zipper.  No more belongings flying out from below your stroller!
  • Peek & chat window lets you check on and chat with your child without stopping.  Includes magnetic closure.  Once the baby is with me in the stroller, I’m sure I’m going to love this feature.  I appreciate that it is a magnetic closure as opposed to a velcro closure.
  • Fully upright seating position allows your child to see the world on all your adventures.
  • Ultra-padded compression seat with ventilation and a five-point harness keeps your child comfortable and secure.
  • Extra-large UPF 50+ canopy helps shield your child from sun and weather. Includes reflective accents for safety.
  • One-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with a simple squeeze of a button.  If you watch my unboxing video, you’ll see me demonstrate this feature at about 13:20.  So easy and convenient!
  • Easy 2-step fold for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Tool-free, quick-release design allows for effortless installation and removal of the wheels for on-the-go ease.  I was so surprised by how quickly and easily the wheels both install and are removed!
  • Adjustable front wheel tracking helps correct alignment with a simple twist of the knob. 
    side view of blaze
  • Foot-activated parking brake secures stroller in the stopped position. I stopped at one point during my voyage run with the Blaze to set up my camera and almost forgot to activate the brake.  (So glad my baby wasn’t in the stroller as I watched it start to roll down the trail!)  Once I remembered to activate the brake, it was not only easy but it quickly secured the stroller in place.
  • Wrist strap provides safety while running and includes a buckle to lock the stroller closed when folded.
  • Travel system-ready when using the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately). Pair with a BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax or with any other major brand car seat.  I’m thankful to have both of these pieces so that my Blaze is travel system ready!
  • Renowned quality and performance from over 20 years of experience in manufacturing jogging strollers.

Final Thoughts

I am so excited to welcome my first biological child into this world (I have two “bonus” teenagers) and have an amazing stroller to take her out with me on all of my running adventures!  I hope to instill in her a love of the outdoors, exercise and running.  Get ready to see a lot of pictures of the baby and her new ride, the Blaze. 🙂

FullSizeRender 4

Until next time,


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