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“Compete. Connect.” That’s the Athlinks motto.  How do you keep track of your race results?  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your races such as running races, triathlons, swimming competitions, cycling events, mountain biking adventures, etc. were all stored in one place?!

Great news!  It can be with the help of Athlinks!  Athlinks is the largest results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world.

My Athlinks Story

I can’t recall exactly when I created an Althlinks profile, but my first recorded race is the Lucky Run half marathon in March 2013.  As I just wrote that I thought to myself, “Wait, didn’t I run the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco in October of 2012?”  I then hopped onto the Ahthlinks site and searched for the Nike Women’s Marathon.

When searching for race results to claim, you can either run a search by event name or athlete name.  Here’s what the results looked like when I searched for the Nike Women’s Marathon event:

Ahtlinks (2)

As you can see, I can select which year(s) of the event I ran.  This may be better suited if you’re searching for a particular race you ran.  When I made a search by athlete name (my maiden name), I was presented with a list of 392 unclaimed races.  I had to scroll all the way down to 2012 to find the particular race I was looking for.  I then clicked “claim” to claim the results as mine.

Ahtlinks (1)

As I was scrolling, I also found a 5k that I ran earlier in 2012.  This 5k was important for me to claim since it is still my fastest 5k time. 🙂


Once I clicked “claim”, within the hour I received a message in my email inbox that said…

Sign Up

“With the largest collection of results at your fingertips, let Athlinks do the tracking for you. If you’ve crossed a finish line in the last 10 years, you’ll find yours here. Athlinks makes finding, claiming and sharing all your hard-earned results easy.”


Curious how the sign-up process works?  Here’s what I did to set up my daughter’s profile (since my profile was already set up).

Ahtlinks (3)

Yes, it really as easy as choose which way you’d like to sign up (email, Facebook, or Google), answer a couple of questions, and find races you’ve completed!

Start List

Did you know that you can appear on the start list of a race you’re signed up for?  I’m running the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in San Francisco so I decided to test out this feature.  It was as easy as search for the race, click “start list”, and click “join start list”.  Once you’ve joined the start list, you can see other runners who will also be at the event and their goal times.

What are you waiting for?  Jump on Athlinks, follow me, and sign up to appear on the start list of your next race.

See you on Athlinks soon!

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