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No one likes being smelly or worse, being stuck behind a smelly person.  There have been several instances in which I’ve been running a race and I’ve been stuck behind a stinky person.  I remember turning to my friend and saying, “Let’s run faster so that we aren’t stuck behind this person.”


Don’t be the stinky one.  Get the funk out of your activewear with the help of Sweat X Sport.  “Sweat X Sport is a specially formulated, high-performance laundry cleaning solution that removes embedded foul odors (think months-long sweat) and the toughest stains from your favorite running gear!”


One of the things that impressed me about Sweat X Sport was that all it takes is one small cap full (1 ounce) of laundry detergent to wash an entire load of laundry!  Also, Sweat X does not rely on the usual toxic properties utilized by standard laundry chemistries. Yay! Instead, Sweat X uses NANOVASIVE™ technology that exfoliates stains and infested sweat known to cause odor in athletic wear such as uniforms and running gear.

Sweat X works on all of the families’ clothes! It’s biodegradable and non-toxic with no adverse dermal impacts. Sweat X is safe for all types of fabrics and all types of washing machines, even High Efficiency. One 45 oz. bottle will wash up to 45 loads of laundry.

Wondering what to do with athletic gear that you can’t throw in the wash?  Use Sweat X Extreme Odor Eliminator Spray!  I recently took a trip out to the coast and used the Sweat X odor eliminating spray on my shoes after a hard run.  It worked wonders! No more stench!


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