How To Prevent Foot Blisters When Playing Sports

Other than a toothache, blisters must rank near the top of the most painful minor annoyances. If you are on your feet often for your job, or if you are an active athlete, blisters make the simplest action painful. Learning to prevent foot blisters when playing sports keeps you on the playing field instead of struggling on the sidelines. 

Better Shoes & Socks

Before you consider trying the appropriate tips to prevent blisters, buy the best pair of shoes and socks. Most blisters develop because you’re not wearing the best shoe for the sport. You will feel your weak spots as the day goes on, but don’t try and wear running shoes for court games and vice versa.

Your sock choice is another integral part of preventing blisters because they wick away the moisture. You can even wear an extra set of socks to give your feet an extra layer of protection while your first pair controls the moisture. For a long jog or hike, it’s wise to bring an extra pair of socks because your feet will moisten the ones you have. 

Lubricate Your Feet to Prevent Foot Blisters

One easy way to limit the blisters is to use petroleum jelly or other ointments to provide lubrication. Doing this causes your feet to slide rather than rub against your shoe’s material. Eliminating the friction from a well-lubricated foot will do wonders for reducing blisters. 

Although lubrication adds substances to your feet, you also need to keep them dry, hence the extra pair of socks. Other things like talcum powder and corn starch can aid you in long-lasting activities. 

Cover Problem Areas

After dealing with blisters, you know precisely where they fester on your feet. Thus, focus on those specific areas and do what you can to cover them. The additional padding from another sock, athletic tape, or bandages should alleviate the pain you normally get from blisters. 

Keep Calluses to Prevent Foot Blisters

As tempting as it may be to fiddle with your blister, you must leave things be and let them heal naturally. Picking at or attempting to puncture a blister to let the fluid seep out will worsen things and cause more complications. Now that the blisters have formed, they are there to protect your feet, so leave them be. 

Learning to prevent foot blisters from playing sports before they form is crucial for athletes and avid runners. Unless you take the proper precautions, your performance may suffer, as well as your overall well-being. 

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How To Prevent Foot Blisters When Playing Sports


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