The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro: The Best Jogging Stroller

Disclaimer: I received a BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Stroller as part of being a member of #TeamBOBGear. Learn more about joining BOB Gear’s social influencer program here.

If you plan to run with your baby, you’re going to need a jogging stroller. Can you run with any ‘ol stroller? Yes. Will it be comfortable for you and the baby? No.

The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Stroller is not my first jogging stroller. In September 2018, I unboxed my first jogging stroller, the BOB Blaze and I fell in love with it! I had always dreamt of being a rockstar stroller running mama and now my dream has come true!

Most recently, I unboxed my newest BOB Gear stroller, the BOB Gear Alterrian Pro stroller! It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was my new favorite stroller!

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro was my new favorite stroller!

My New Favorite Stroller

The BOB Gear® Alterrain Pro jogging stroller was made to be ready to hit the ground running, literally. Since I run on both the road as well as on the trails, I love that the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro stroller was made with SmoothShox™ suspension, so that I can run on any terrain!

The Best Stroller for the Trails

The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro features an ergonomic handbrake to give me downhill control as well as has a zip-top cargo basket to secure both mine and baby’s gear.  In addition, the stroller has a super, sleek frame and reflective rims which makes all heads turn while on both the hiking trails and city streets. Another feature I love is the all-weather canopy which is waterproof, so a little rain won’t ruin my fun! Finally, one of my favorite features is that the stroller folds up fast with a single twist of the hand!

Whether you’re a serious runner or a more leisurely runner, I highly recommend the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro stroller! My husband, who is not a runner, enjoys that the stroller has a front swivel wheel. While we are out on walks together, he likes how easy it is to push our toddler in the stroller, unlike our fixed-wheel previous BOB Blaze.

Daddy Approved Stroller

The Best BOB Gear Stroller

Still unsure which BOB Gear stroller is right for you? Check out the BOB Gear stroller comparison chart below. As shown in the chart, the new Alterrain Pro is the only stroller that offers a handbrake for downhill control, is the only stroller that stands up on its on when it is folded, is the only stroller that has a zip-top cargo basket, is the only stroller that has wheel rims, and is the only stroller that has an all-weather, waterproof canopy. In conclusion, the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro stroller is the best!

BOB Gear Stroller Comparison Chart

Team BOB Gear Up

I had the honor of joining seven other amazing mother runners as Team BOB Gear ambassadors. Together we lead the training for the free BOB Gear Up Virtual 5k. Pictured below is Tori, Noelle, Lauren, Alissa, Holly, Kelly, Amy, and myself.

Team BOB Gear

If you could wave a magic wand, which BOB Gear stroller would you want to arrive on your front door step? Tell me in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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