Why I’m Not Looking Forward to My Next Marathon

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Tomorrow is my 19th full marathon. (Third full marathon since giving birth 8 months ago.) When I initially registered for the race, I thought I’d be better prepared, but alas here I am undertrained and unenthused.

I tried convincing Holly (@inkdchinagirl) to switch to the half marathon, but she told me, “No!!! … We got this!!!! … I figure the worst that will happen is I’ll lose toenails ( again) and I’ll be slow.” Truly this is my fault since she was wanting to switch to the half marathon a couple months ago, but I convinced her to stick to full marathon. Now that I’m wanting me to switch to the half marathon, she’s convincing me to stick to the full marathon.

The last time Holly and I saw each other in real life was in May for a Girls on the Run event. Holly lives a couple hours away from me.

I feel unenthused to run the Santa Rosa full marathon and would rather run the half marathon because….

  1. Full marathoners and half marathoners receive the same swag… an awesome quarter zip, a bottle of wine, beer / pancakes at the finish line.
  2. I don’t want to spend 5.5 hours-ish on my feet moving forward. I’d rather spend 2:45 hours-ish on my feet moving forward.
  3. I’d rather get back to my house at 1pm as opposed to 4pm.

Despite these above feelings, I’m going to run the Santa Rosa full marathon and be a 19 time marathoner! (So close to being in the 20 somethings!)

I’ve never ran the Santa Rosa marathon before so I am looking forward to a new course, new scenery, and the awesome finish line swag. If only I was better trained so that I could finish the marathon is 4.5 hours-ish as opposed to 5.5 hours-ish. 😕

Have you ever ran a race that you were undertrained and unenthused to run? Tell me about it. I’d love to hear from you!

See ya on the other side of the marathon,


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  1. Your first marathon was something you never would’ve imagined doing, now look at you, you’re running your 19th.
    Hey, you’ve got this, you can do it, I believe in you !!!

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