Race Recap: CIM 2019

Every year I run the California International Marathon, I love the race more and more!

Why I’m Not Looking Forward to My Next Marathon

Tomorrow is my 19th full marathon. When I initially registered for the race, I thought I'd be better prepared, but alas here I am undertrained and unenthused. #santarosaBR #BibChat

Race Recap: Ogden Marathon

Anytime I'm given the opportunity to travel to a new location and run, I jump on the opportunity! When I gave birth to my first biological child 5.5 months ago, I wasn't sure what life with a baby would look like for me. I'm so grateful to have a husband who supports me and lets me continue my "go-go-go" lifestyle.

Race Recap: OC Marathon Weekend

What better way to celebrate graduating with your Masters Degree than running a marathon?! When I discovered that the OC Marathon was the same weekend as my Masters graduation ceremony, I knew I just HAD to make the most of a weekend in Southern California. This is my journey from Masters Degree to Marathon.

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