Ogden Marathon Countdown

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Oh my stars! Remember when I completed the OC Marathon at five months postpartum? Well, guess what? In three short days I’m flying to Utah to complete the Ogden Marathon… less than two weeks after finishing the OC Marathon!

Some might be thinking, “Wow, those marathons are really close together!” Yes, I’d agree, but the closest two marathons I have completed were in the same weekend back in 2016! I know, I’m a little… ok maybe a lot… crazy! I just looked at my paces for my two back to back marathons and am SHOCKED! I am MUCH slower now because 1) I was pregnant for most of 2018 2) I have less time to train because of the new baby I am now caring for (and my full time teaching job and my Master’s degree program). BUT this is totally okay. I love my life and my baby… she really is a dream come true!

I’ve done one other marathon in Utah, the Utah Valley Marathon, in 2017. I remember that the elevation of the Utah Valley Marathon was KILLER! I live at sea level, so I was not prepared to run at an elevation that’s over a mile above sea level! The elevation of the Ogden Marathon is similar to that of the Utah Valley Marathon, so I will once again be majorly affected by this change in elevation. The good news is that I kind of know more what to expect.

Uh oh… I just checked the weather for Ogden this weekend and it’s suppose to rain. Hmmm… maybe I should rethink what I am wearing for this race. Should I stick with wearing shorts or should I now wear tights?

Probably the trickiest part of my trip to Ogden will be pumping / storing breastmilk. Yes, I am still proudly breastfeeding my baby. I will be leaving from the Sacramento Airport at 6:30pm on Friday (leaving baby at home with Daddy) and arriving back at the Sacramento Airport at 6:30pm on Saturday. I have carefully read the TSA guidelines on traveling with breastmilk and have printed what it states just in case a TSA agent tries to question me about taking breastmilk through security without a baby. I guess we’ll just wait and see how this all turns out.

With the worries of pumping / storing breastmilk put aside, I am so excited to be taking this quick 24 hour trip to Utah to run the Ogden Marathon with Bibrave! I am so happy that I have a husband who supports my crazy ideas to travel to Utah to run a marathon.

The Ogden Marathon was listed as one of the top 6 most scenic races by Jeff Galloway in his book, “America’s Best Places to Run“. I love a run with a great view, so I think I’m really going to enjoy the Ogden Marathon! My GoPro was not probably charged for the OC Marathon. I will make sure it is properly charged for the Ogden Marathon so that I can create a race recap video of the Ogden Marathon.

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