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I love a good challenge!  Joining a challenge helps give me that drive and focus I need to workout consistently.  I find it difficult to workout without having a goal in mind. I would love to sign up, travel, and participate in different road races every weekend, but this is not financially feasible.  (Anyone want to hire me to travel, run, and review road races?) Fortunately, I have found Challengeville.


As stated at, “Challengeville is the place where ordinary people become dynamic.”  Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned runner, there’s a challenge for you.  Currently there’s a total of 9 challenges.  The challenges start with the “Nouveau” which challenges you to complete 26.25 miles per month (less than a mile a day).  The challenges end with the “Traveling Man” which challenges you to complete 300 miles a month (about 10 miles a day).

After completing two marathons back to back in the spring of 2016, I was in need of a challenge to keep me running.  I signed up for the Bigfoot challenge (150 miles a month) for several months in a row, but did not meet with mileage goal.  I then took a few months off from the Challengeville challenges (not from running completely). This last month, however, I decided to jump back in and I signed up for the Tinman challenge (93.3 miles in a month).

I am very pleased to announce that I successfully completed my first Challengeville challenge and received my custom finisher’s certificate!


On the last day January I woke up at 4:30am to meet my friend Kelly at the park for a run.  We ran 4.5 miles, which still left me with a final 1.3 miles until I reached my goal.  I knew I just HAD to finish the Tinman challenge!  I didn’t have any more time that morning before work, so after my hour long strength training class at the gym that night, I got on the treadmill and knocked out the final 1.3 miles bringing me to a total of 93.3 miles for the month of January.

Which challenge did I choose for February?  So glad you asked!  This month I signed up for Transformer (121 total miles).  One more thing I love about Challengeville, is that each challenge comes with a suggested running guide to help you reach your goal!

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Signing up for a Challengeville challenge is easy.  Simply go to, fill out the sign up form, and start logging your miles!

Which challenge are you going to sign up for?  How do you stay motivated to consistently workout?  I’d love to hear from you!

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