Transformation Tuesday #12

It’s #transformationtuesday and today I am reflecting upon the lifestyle change I’ve gone through over the last five years. Exercise used to not be a priority to me, but now it is. Food used to be something I just ate mindlessly, but now it is something I consciously consume for fuel. The knowledge I have gained about food, exercise, and however health has been a true lifesaver. I’ve gained this knowledge through various blogs, magazines, and people who have helped to show me the way.

In T minus four days, I will be at the starting line of my 7th marathon. I am so incredibly grateful to God, my family & friends, and my larger community of support (such as you here on FB) for the encouragement and support I have received. My journey is not over. Some days are difficult and I fall back into my old mindset of unhealthy habits and unhealthy eating. But, each new day brings about the opportunity to press the “restart” button.

Today is a new day! ☀️

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