20 Reasons to Run the Giant Race

It’s no secret that San Francisco is one of my favorite places to run and the Giant Race is one of my favorite race series! Here are 20 reasons you need to run the Virtual San Francisco Giant Race.

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Calling All Giants Fans

Let’s start off our top 20 reasons with reason number 20- Because, GO GIANTS!

I’ll never forget the first time I ran the Giant Race in 2018. I loved rounding the final bend and ending the race on the field at Oracle Park, the San Francisco Giant’s home!

If you’re a Giants fan, then the Giants Race is a must-run event!

Reason number 19 is all about earning that pre-game adult beverage. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a run with an ice cold beer prior to enjoying a Giants ball game!

San Francisco is known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, historical Alcatraz island, running events, and baseball. This brings us to reason number 18 – Running and baseball. That’s what San Francisco does!

Give, Get, and Flex

Reason number 17 to run the virtual Giant Race is to support a great local charity like the YMCA Bayview or Challenged Athletes Foundation. Running with purpose is my jam!

As nice as it is to give, it’s also nice to get. The 16th reason to run the Virtual Giant race is that you can register for all four series events and still become eligible for the Series Awards which means more bling!

The 15th reason has to do with flexing. No, not that kind. I’m talking flexibility as it relates to time. With the virtual San Francisco Giant Race, you get to run on your own time whenever and wherever works best for you!

The best news of all is that when you choose when and where to run, you’re also able to compete with Giants fans across the country, which is reason number 14.

For Your Health

Reasons 13, 12, and 11 all have to do with your health. First, the event is stress free. If you run into bad weather, just wait a few hours. If you have kids, bring them with you!

Second, so many of us are currently suffering from cabin fever. Participating in the Virtual Giant Race is a great excuse to take a few hours to be by yourself.

Finally, exercising and moving your body is always a good thing!

Motivation and Challenges

Speaking of exercise, to get started in an exercise routine requires motivation. Participating in this event provides runners with Major League motivation! You will receive curated audio playlists from the Giants coaching staff including favorites by MLB Coach and Giant Race alum Alyssa Nakken.

Reason number 9 has to do with the mini challenges presented to runners in August which included prizes! Who doesn’t love challenges and prizes?

The next reason, number 8, has to do with the option to run any distance anywhere you want! From Half Marathon to 10K, to 5k, and Kids & Family Races, they are all available!

It’s All About the SWAG

Many runners, including myself, know it’s all about the SWAG. Reasons 7 through 2 is all about the SWAG.

  • #7 Giants-themed neck gaiter
  • #6 Limited 2020 Official Bobblehead featuring Renel Brooks-Moon
  • #5 Official Giant Race runner tee
  • #4 Finisher medal
  • #3 Officially-verified finish time (Yes, this totally still qualifies as SWAG.)
  • #2 Downloadable virtual finisher certificate

Finish Strong

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. The number one reason for running the Virtual Giant Race is the opportunity to create your own DIY finish line!

Imagine yourself raising your hands victoriously as you celebrate finishing strong!

Ready to rock the Virtual San Francisco Giant Race? There’s still time to register! Use code “CRUSH2020” for $20.20 off any distance! Register by visiting race-sfgiants.com

Which of these top 20 reasons was YOUR favorite? Drop a comment with your fav. I’d love to hear from you!

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20 reasons to run the giant race


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