Top Reasons Why to Run a Hot Chocolate 15k Race

Here are my top reasons why you need to run a Hot Chocolate 15k race:

Number One: There’s chocolate! I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Number Two: According to, over one million people have joined the Hot Chocolate movement from coast to coast. That’s a lot of people, so the race must be a must-run!

Number Three: There’s a Hot Chocolate 15k run in 24 different cities across the nation with more being added in the future! (Check out my discount page for a discount code to use at your next Hot Chocolate run.)

Number Four: Free race photos! I love free race photos! It’s not uncommon for a race to charge you $20 or more just for one digital download of a picture. I love that you can download low definition race images for free with Hot Chocolate 15k!

Number Five: Jackets! All Hot Chocolate race series participants receive a jacket at the expo when they pick up their bib. Every year it is different and every year I love it!

Number Six : There’s chocolate! Yes, I know this is a repeat, but it is worth repeating. I would have to say the Hot Chocolate race series has one of the best post race food offered! Every participant receives this glorious mug of chocolate-ly goodness at the finish line.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to run your first, or fourth, Hot Chocolate race today!

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