Transformation Tuesday Hair Edition

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you know that I recently chopped off my hair. Chopping off my hair is nothing new to me. I, in fact, chop off my hair and donate it every few years.

I’m blessed to have hair that not only grows quickly, but is also thick and healthy. It seems only natural, therefore, to donate my hair to someone who is less fortunate than myself. Plus, unlike others, I love change. I regularly change my classroom arrangement and my routine, so drastically changing my hairstyle is fun!

In high school, one of my nicknames was “Pantene Pro-V Girl” since I was known for my pretty, long hair. Much of my 30+ years of life have revolved around my hair. Once I got past the awkward junior high years (don’t we all have these years), I have gotten into a good routine of knowing how to style my hair either in an updo or down. It’s not uncommon for a stranger to comment on how pretty my hair is. This is just more of a reason to donate my hair so that someone else may have a wig of gorgeous, God-given hair.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t normally do research when it comes to where to donate my hair. I usually just walk into the salon and say, “I’m here to chop off my hair and donate it.” The salon normally only charges me a $5 donation fee and I don’t have to pay for the hair cut. I fill out a form, drop my hair in a bag, and away it goes. Where my hair goes from there, I’m not too sure. Maybe I’m a trusting person or maybe I’m a foolish person. (*insert shoulder shrug)

For those who have spoken negatively about Locks of Love, here’s two interesting articles I found in a quick search on the matter. Locks Of Love: $6 Million Of Hair Donations Unaccounted For Each Year / Does Locks of Love Sell Donated Hair?

As for running, it’s been SO wonderful to have short hair again! With thick hair, you can imagine how heavy it is when it is long. Now, I hardly even notice my hair is there!

Do you regularly donate your hair? If so, which organization do you mail your hair to?

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