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I’ve looked into securing a running coach before, but have never actually signed up. This time, however, I finally bit the bullet and signed up. A few months ago, I joined the Endure Strong team that is coached by Jared Ward, an Olympic runner, father, and professor. I found a solution that builds for me a custom training plan, provides support throughout the training cycle, and fosters a sense of community. Welcome to team Endure Strong!

The Endure Strong coaching team utilizes the Final Surge platform. Teammates are able to access the Final Surge platform either on the website or via the app.

When you click a day of the calendar, you have various options that pop up including moving the workout, deleting the workout, or printing the workout (for those who really enjoy seeing their workouts on paper versus digitally).

If you have a workout on your schedule that you’re unsure about like interval, tempo, or strides, Endure Strong team members can find resource videos and information about the workouts under the resource tab of the Final Surge sight.

I especially loved that when I posted on one of my Instagram and Twitter posts that I didn’t understand what to do for my stride workout, Andrew Webb, Endure Strong team manager, responded to my post to let me know about the resource videos. This made me feel like I was seen, heard, and part of a team.

Another awesome part about being a part of the Endure Strong team is getting to participate in the coaching calls with Jared Ward. Team members are able to type in their questions and he answers them right on the spot!

When I first signed up to join team Endure Strong, I set Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon as my goal race. Thanks to the guidance of team Endure Strong, I was able to go out and have a strong race.

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