Friday Five – Pink Edition

Here are five things that make me feel aware and empowered…

Tunes that inspire!

If you’re anything like me, then sometimes you just need to blare the upbeat music to help get you through a tough and/or long workout. One of my go-to albums are the “Top Hits Workout Mixes“.  Perhaps this is lame, but I love them because they are remixed to have a constant, up-beat pace.

A song that meant a lot to me when I first began running was Coldplay’s Fix You. This song meant a lot to me because it was the background music to Ben Davis’s 120 pound journey motivational YouTube video. This video has nearly 2 million views!  It truly is so motivational and played a big role in my 60 pound weightloss and journey to a marathoner.  Want to know something super cool?… Coldplay’s Fix You randomly played at the start of my very first marathon!  Yes, tears of joy, disbelief, and exhilaration were shed!

Lastly, some of my favorite podcasts to listen to while running include the Team Shenanigans podcast, the Marathon Training Academy podcast, and the No Meat Athlete Radio podcast. All of the above music and podcasts sound best, of course, with my Aftershokz new PINK headphones. To read about why I love these amazing headphones, click HERE.

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Give Back!

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month also known as BCA month.  I’m doing my part by participating in “If Girls Ran the World“. This IGRTW event is about thousands of women joining together in a one of a kind adventure to collectively and virtually run around the world to benefit charities that empower girls globally.  The charity that I chose to raise funds for is Girl’s Inc.Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, providing girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face.This is exactly what I want to teacher both my 14 year old daughter and my 5th grade students… to be strong, smart, and bold!  I’d love for you to join me in my fundraising endeavors by visiting my IGRTW page.

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Be a self care advocate

So often we put everyone else above ourselves.  Our health, however, is important.  I advocate for self care by taking the time to exercise 5 – 6 days a week.  If this sounds like too much for you, realize that exercise could mean going for a 20 minute walk or going to an hour long Zumba class at your local gym.  Most important part of exercise is moving!  I use to not have this mindset.  You can read more about my journey to health HERE.

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Inspiring threads!

I have several staples in running attire.  Some of my favorites include: my Nike Dri Fit shorts, my pro compression socks,  my Asics running shoes, my Garmin forerunner, and my SpiBelt. What are your favorite products/apparel that empower YOU to get sweaty + strong?   This fall, the Sweat Pink community and myself are especially enjoying all of the new #prAnaFallStyle threads (get 15% off with pranafallstyle16 at checkout), the new Sweat Pink tanks (ahem) and everything PINK that is helping spread awareness for #bca #wearpinkwednesday #AwareWithPink!

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Friends who inspire!

My final Friday Five, but certainly not the least, is all about friends who inspire. Although I have many people who empower and inspire me, here are a few that come to mind…

It’s because of Marissa and Carissa that I first began running marathons.  Before them, I had no clue that I was even capable of running 1 mile, much less than 26.2 miles!
I have run several races with these two ladies (Biz and Heather), but my favorite has been the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco in 2013.  It was their first marathon!  (I’m still hoping they’ll do more.)
My 14 year old daughter inspires me with her joy, enthusiasm, and kindness.
My mom.  I am who I am because of her.

Thank you friends for reading through my Friday Five post!

Now go out there and change the world!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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