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Stop and picture for a moment someone who has inspired or motivated you to do better, be better, and move better.  Now, picture someone who you’d like to motivate.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find something small to give to someone to help encourage them?

Great news!  Such a thing exists!  

I first found Momentum Jewelry when I joined the Instagram running community at the beginning of this calendar year.  I loved the idea of wearing a motivating wrap on my wrist so much, that I decided to purchase my own in Momentum’s previous Share the Spark campaign! My first wrap said, “Never Give Up.”  From there, I’ve purchased several more wraps for both myself and my friends.  I even have had a custom wrap made that says, “Run Strong Run” (my running nickname).

During Momentum’s Share the Spark campaign, you can choose from four different sayings and 14 different colored bands all for $10!  Order one for yourself, for a friend, or both!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of giving away two “Share the Spark” wraps. The first wrap said, “Never Give Up.”  I gave this wrap to my friend Alandrea (@mrs.motherrunner).  I first met Alandrea while I was pacing a half marathon in April 2016.  Since then, we’ve stayed in contact and have run a couple more races together, including a half marathon this past weekend!

The second wrap I gave out said, “You Got This.”  I gave this wrap to a co-worker of mine named Genises.  This is Genises’s first year teaching and she’s a fellow runner.  If you’re a teacher, you know how crazy the first year of teaching can be!  Despite being completely exhausted, Genises chose to attend an all day technology conference with me on Saturday.  I wanted Genises to know, “You’ve got this!  Don’t feel discouraged.  Things will get easier.”


As quoted on Momentum Jewelry‘s website,

“The #sharetheSPARK campaign hits at the heart of Momentum – to inspire & motivate others in their personal and athletic lives to do more, be more, to support & celebrate more.

Give a bracelet to anyone who you feel could benefit from a little extra encouragement or show of support.  We’re offering 4 perfect sayings that are a great way to show someone you believe in them, sending them a “hey, you I got your back!” message that we all need every once in a while.

We love to see this movement grow, so please remember to tag @MomentumJewelry and #sharetheSPARK.”

What are you waiting for?  Head on over to Momentum Jewelry and by a wrap for yourself, a friend, a co-worker, and/or a complete stranger.  Together we can motivate and inspire many!


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  1. […] Speaking of the Share the Spark campaign, the next campaign is coming up! Mark your calendars. The annual #sharetheSPARK campaign will run this year from Tuesday, April 23rd to Monday, May 6th. I love ordering extra of these special wraps and passing them out to co-workers, friends, random strangers, etc. (Check out my 2016 blog post all about the Share the Spark campaign.) […]

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