Transformation Tuesday #17


Today’s ‪#‎transformationtuesday‬ is about family. What a joy it was this weekend to see my Aunt Diana again after last seeing her in 2009 when I went to visit her in India! My mom and Diana have been BFFs since high school. Diana has been there through it all, which makes her family. She is a woman of great faith, joy, and someone I look up to. 

A part of me wishes I could go back to India in my new, healthy body. I’m sure I’d have a different perspective on things as an older, wiser, and healthier individual. It’s amazing the confidence that losing 60 pounds and exercise gives a person!


  1. Family – and those who are not but have earned the name – are an extremely important part of life. There have been several people throughout my life that my faimly and I have “adopted” as a part of us. Hooray for your family and a healthier you!

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