IdealFit Giveaway: Get Fit, Get Lean, and Earn Your Ideal

Happy Friday friends! Fridays are the best! I’ll be honest, however, and say that everyday feels like a Friday when you’re a teacher on summer break! Speaking of summer, how do you get fit, get lean, and earn your ideal during summer?  I don’t know about you, but I when I’m on a quest to reach a goal, I want to surround myself with people and products to help me meet my goal.  As I am quickly learning, being healthy involves making a series of choices on a daily basis; what to eat, whether to exercise or not, how to fill my free time, etc. 

Fortunately, this summer has been one of my most active summers yet! I’ve been running more, going to my boot camp class, and have been making (mostly) wise food choices. I’ve also enjoyed my summer with a trip to the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, and a reunion with friends in Texas. One product that has helped me continue working on earning my “ideal” through my busy summer has been Ideal Lean BCAA.

One of the things I love about Idealfit is that  its products are built specifically for women. The Idealfit products include specific blends, vitamins, and minerals to help women achieve their goals faster than ever. Idealfit’s products are not packed with a bunch of unnecessary calories and sugar making it easier to build lean muscle, burn fat, and find the body you’ve always wanted.  Lastly, can we also talk about how awesome this Idealfit Multi-compartment bottle is?! I’ll be honest and say that at first I wasn’t sure how it worked. Then my genius 14 year old daughter said, “I think the pink compartment screws to the bottom of the cup.” Wow! Mind blown!
Ready to try Idealfit for yourself? Head on over to and check out all of their amazing products. You also have a chance of winning one full size product over on my Instagram page at RunStrongRun. Happy Friday friends!
*Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by IdealFit.


  1. Just got my bottle today. I figured out that the pink cup goes onto the bottom of the water bottle. What are the other two pieces for? one looks like it hold pills? and the other is some type of strainer…what do I do with these?

    • Hi Angie! Glad you got your bottle! The pill/supplement/protein powder container is stored inside the pink cup on the bottom of the bottle. The strainer goes inside the cup to help blend in the powder to the liquid.

  2. Yes, this summer has been SO busy! Love all the tips and tricks I pick up from others on how to get through the busy-ness happy and healthy!

  3. Love all these pics! So cute! Also, so nice to know that this product is geared towards woman! Can’t wait to try!

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