Summer Catch Up

Every vacation I think, “Yes! I’m going to have so much time to blog, organize, and clean!” Yet, every vacation the opposite seems to be true. Why?! This time around, I’ll blame it on my Caribbean and Pacific Coast vacations. I have spent a lot of time with loved ones making memories; zip-lining, swimming in caves, horseback riding, snorkeling, etc. To say the least, it’s been a blast! “Sounds amazing Steph, but how has your nutrition and running been going?” I hear you asking. Well…

Summer months are notoriously difficult for me.  It’s hot and no one wants to run when it’s nearly hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk!  You’ll be quite proud of me, however, because I haven’t been lazy this summer!  No.  In fact, I’ve still been setting my alarm for 5:15am and heading out the door for “Boot Camp” class at the gym.  During the school year I am unable to do this class because I wouldn’t have enough time to take a shower and get to work on time (and no one wants a stinky, sweaty teacher).  Although it can be difficult at times to get out of bed and to the gym, the satisfaction you feel when you’re dripping in sweat by 6:30am is awesome!  (I love all of the people in the boot camp class too!  They are encouraging, entertaining, and energizing!)  If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you at 5:45am Monday – Friday at Future Fitness!

At the start of June, I signed up for the Bigfoot Challengeville challenge, but missed the required mileage by 69 miles!  (Clearly, my running was not on point in June.)  This month, however, I am already at 68 miles for the month and have high hopes of making it to the required 150 miles for the month!  I, in fact, am trying to make it to 156 miles for the month so that I can be at 1,000 total miles for 2016 by the end of July.  A little crazy?  Perhaps.  But as many know, distance runners are often just that… crazy!

As for nutrition, well, I did enjoy some amazing meals and drinks while on my Caribbean vacation with the hubby, but I’m still able to fit in to all of my clothes!  It’s all about balance.  Workout, eat, and enjoy life.  There’s no point in starving yourself and living a miserable existence just to try to reach some unattainable ideal! Am I right or am I right?!

Did you see my #iHaveaRunnersBody post?  #iHaveaRunnersBody is all about empowering women & men to love their runner’s bodies! FullSizeRender (13)

Here’s a sampling of the amazing meals and drinks I enjoyed while on vacation…

Do you see that I REALLY enjoyed my Caribbean getaway! 😉 It’s hilarious when people ask, “As a vegetarian, what can you eat?”  The answer friends is “lots”!

Sadly, there’s only one month left of summer vacation, but you can bet that I’m going to make the most of it! (2)

Please share with me…

How do YOU stay on track with exercise and nutrition during the hot days of summer?


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