How to Quickly Become an Ambassador

An ambassador by definition is one who “acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.” Some of the perks of being an ambassador include joining a community of like-minded individuals as well as receiving financial or product compensation. If you’re a running enthusiast, you can become an ambassador of a race, brand, or company, such as BibRave.

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How I Quickly Became an Ambassador

I first discovered the online running community early 2016. On Instagram, I saw runners posting amazing running shots and promoting various brands and races. I thought to myself, “I want to do that too!” Immediately, I began researching how to quickly become an ambassador.

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Through my research, I found companies such as FitApproach (now called Flex and Flow) and BibRave. I immediately began applying for various ambassador opportunities. In March of 2016, I received a “thanks, but no thanks” reply from BibRave.

BibRave Pro rejection email

In my rejection email as seen above, the BibRave community manager gave me four tips to improve my chances of becoming a BibRave Pro.

  1. Grow my social following. I followed fellow runners on Instagram, tagged running accounts such as “Women’s Running Community,” “Insta Runners,” and “Inspiring Women Runners” in hopes of being featured, and became intentional with my hashtags.
  2. Add more reviews on BibRave. If I wanted to be an ambassador of BibRave, then that meant that I needed to interact with the BibRave platform. I was already running in races, so I began adding my reviews of the races I ran.
  3. Create and maintain a running related blog. My original blog was hosted by blogspot. In 2016, I moved my blog to wordpress to give my blog a more professional appearance. My first blog post was how I ran six marathons in less than four years! I continued to post to my blog by writing about races, weight loss, and nutrition.
  4. Continue to participate in our weekly #BibChat. I first joined Twitter in July of 2015, but really had no idea what I was doing. Five years later and it is still not my favorite platform, but I do enjoy participating in BibChat. During BibChat, runners receive a series of questions, everyone tweets their answers, and 1 – 2 runners win a prize.

One year after receiving my original rejection letter, I received notification that I was officially a BibRave Pro (ambassador)!

Life As A BibRave Pro

In the last three years as a BibRave Pro, I have reviewed 20 races and 31 different products! I have traveled to places such as Denver, San Diego, and Seattle as a BibRave Pro. (We won’t talk about how I got food poisoning while in Seattle and received my first DNS.)

I have reviewed products such as shoes, sunglasses, headphones, food, apps, and coaching programs. One of my favorite products that I reviewed were the Shady Ray Allure sunglasses. My teenage daughter liked them so much, that I bought a pair for her to have too!

More important than all of the races I have run or the products I have reviewed, are the people I have met along the way both virtually and in real life! When you become a BibRave Pro, you are immediately welcomed in to the diverse, inclusive orange family.

How to become a BibRave Pro

Are you ready to join the BibRave community as a BibRave Pro? Applications are currently open starting now until July 3rd. Apply Now! If you miss this current application period, be sure to check back because applications open up several times throughout the year.

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