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Disclaimer: I received two packages of Brilliant Reflective to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!
We’ve all been there before.  We’re out for a late night / early morning run or bike ride and what’s on the forefront of our mind?  Watching out for oncoming traffic.  Sure, I try and wear bright colors and also take my headlamp, but sometimes it feels like I need more.
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When I first heard about Brilliant Reflective I was so excited to try it out because I want to be seen!  (If you’ve ever seen my bright neon Asics, you totally know what I mean.)  I was lucky enough to receive not one product, but two; one iron-on reflective strip package as well as a stick-on reflective strip package.
Soon after receiving my packages, I grabbed my 12 year old son and together we went outside to add some reflective strips to our bicycles and helmets.  I was amazed by how easy the reflective strips stuck to different surfaces of our bikes and helmets.
We then took our newly decked out bikes up to the levee located not too far from our house.  We stopped and I set up my camera.  I told my 12 year old, “Pretend that you like me” and this is what he did.  (Yes, he’s a keeper.)
Here’s a few key facts about Brilliant:
  • Brilliant is a new start-up with a mission to reduce automobile based injuries to runners, bikers, walkers, children, and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Brilliant comes in four different colors: red, blue, purple, and black
  • The stick-on product is semi-permanent which means they can be taken off in the future if needed
  • The reflective strips can be cut and applied anywhere: shoes, apparel, and equipment!


You may be thinking, “Why do I need these reflective strips when many of my running / athletic clothes, shoes, and equipment already have reflective pieces on them”  Well, did you know that there’s actually four types of reflective material?  As stated on Brilliant’s website, there’s:

1. Cosmetic – No Visibility at 10 – 50 feet (most casual apparel)

2. Low Brightness – Low Visibility at 100 feet (typical running/cycling gear)

3. Medium Brightness – Moderate Visibility at 100 – 300 feet (running/cycling vest)

4. High Brightness – Significant Visibility at 300+ meters (Brilliant Reflective Strips)

Still not convinced?  Here’s what other BibRave Pros had to say about Brilliant Reflective:
Purchase your own Brilliant Reflective strips by visiting  Be sure to use code BRP35 to save 35%!
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How do you stay visible while outside late at night or early in the morning?  Where could you add some Brilliant Reflective strips to your shoes, apparel, or equipment?
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