Transformation Tuesday #20

I’ve been maintaining my weight loss now for 5 years. My journey began, however, 7 years ago. These pictures, therefore, help remind me of how far I’ve come. Can you believe that sometimes I forget how big I once was? I was over 200 pounds, a junk food junkie, and my favorite phrase was, “This body doesn’t run.” Fast forward to today… I’ve maintained a 60 pound weight loss, I’m a vegetarian, and in 12 days I’m running my 12th full marathon. All by His strength!

If you’re someone who is just starting out on this journey, do not be discouraged. Start small. Be consistent. If you want lasting results, then it must be a lifestyle change and it can not happen overnight. I am not a nutritionist, trainer, nor physician. I’m just someone who’s been there. Have a question or need someone to cheer you on? Please feel free to message me.

Our health is a journey. Take it slow. Enjoy each step. Celebrate each milestone!


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