Transformation Tuesday #13

Today’s #transformationtuesday is a little different because it’s all about the marathon! Instead of comparing my pre-weight loss body to my post- weight loss body, I am comparing me from my first marathon, to my most recent marathons, numbers 7 and 8.

My first marathon was on March 4, 2012. I had only began running less than a year prior, on March 27, 2011. The marathon terrified me! I had no idea what to expect! The furthest I had run in my training was 18 miles. The marathon also really excited me! When I rounded the last corner and saw the finish line, I threw my arms up and jogged victoriously over the finish line. I had done it! I was a marathoner!

I was also in a lot of pain! My hips were in excruciating pain. I went home, took an ice bath, and laid in bed for the rest of the day. I was very sore and it took a while to recover.

Fast forward to my most recent marathons. Yes, I say marathons because I did marathon number 7 on April 30th and then did marathon number 8 on May 1st! I would love to report that my time from my first marathon to numbers 7 and 8 were dramatically faster, but they were actually petty similar… All close to 4 hours and 35 minutes. The BIG difference, however, was how my body felt, my recovery window, and my ability to complete another marathon the day after crossing the finish line of a marathon!

There is just something about the marathon that I love! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could do back to back marathons when I first went out for a jog in 2011 and could barely jog two blocks! With hard work, determination, and by God’s strength ALL things are possible!

So, this brings me to my next goal… I’ve tried training on my own using various training plans, but my marathon time hasn’t seen much of a change. I, therefore, shall seek out a coach, whether in person or online, and I WILL get faster! I WILL be able to keep up with Joyce Lee the next time she is pacing a marathon! 😉

“A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!” – Joe Vitale

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