Pay Yourself to Run or Workout

Have you ever wished you had a jar of money at the end of the year to spend on some new running shoes, workout clothes, or a nice weekend getaway?  Well, why not pay yourself for every mile you run, walk, or crawl!


I can’t remember where I originally saw this idea, but I immediately loved it and thought, “Yes, I’ve got to do that!”  I perused the Internet looking for a label that was ready to be printed, but couldn’t find one.  I, therefore, made one myself and thought I would then make it available for you!

If running is not your thing, I have also made a jar label that’s all about paying yourself for everyday you get up and move.  That is what a healthy lifestyle begins with… placing one foot in front of the other, getting up, and moving!

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To download this FREEBIE, simply click the links below.

Whatever it takes… RUN jar label printable

Whatever it takes… MOVE jar label printable


If you had a dollar for every mile you’ve completed so far this year, how much money would you have in your jar?  How much money would you have if you paid yourself a dollar for every day you moved (worked out)?

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  1. Great Idea! It’s a good way to look back and say, “Wow, I worked out x amount of times this month!”

    • Lol… I hear ya! Perhaps tell your hubby that you’ll use the saved up cash for a lovely weekend getaway with him at the end of the year?! (I’m still waiting for my hubby to notice the jar of cash sitting on my dresser.) 😉

  2. Love this incentive system!! Thanks for sharing this with us. As athletes we share a common bond. For this reason, we’ve recently created a website that brings together former and current athletes and provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their athletic triumphs and struggles. We’d love to hear how running has influenced you (See the forums page). We also have a feature that allows athletes to see where there are others in your area (See the members and events page). Thank you so much for your consideration! Margaret

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