How to Drop 7 lbs in 7 days

Last week our 13 year old daughter came home and said, “I want to juice all next week.”  My first reaction was no.  But then, after I began to think about it, I thought, “Why not?”  She, after all, has seen her father and I juice on a regular basis for years now.  She herself has drank her fair share of juices and smoothies, but never has she gone a whole week with juicing only.  I finally decided to tell her…

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Why “Run Strong Run”?

Have you ever heard someone’s nickname and wondered, “Hmm… I wonder where that came from?” but have been too shy to ask?

Well, you’re in luck because today’s post is about just that… Where did the name “Run Strong Run” come from?

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Nutrition Week of 02/15 to 02/21

This week was appropriately titled “Increase Intensity” on my Nike Plus Running app half marathon training plan.  I increased my workout intensity which got me to a new half marathon personal record… a sub two hour time!  Woohoo!  Here’s what I ate during this week of increased intensity…
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Nutrition Week of 02/08 to 02/14

This is my third week of posting my nutrition for the week.  To check out my first week’s post go HERE.  I have decided to post about my weekly nutrition to 1) keep myself accountable and 2) to have as a resource for others when they ask me, “Where do you find your protein if you are a No Meat Athlete?” If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading “The Journey to Becoming a No Meat Athlete“.  Without any further ado, here’s what I ate this week… Continue reading

Nutrition Week of 02/01 to 02/07

This blog post is a follow up to last week’s “Nutrition Week of 01/25 to 01/31“.  In last week’s post I shared about my lifestyle as a No Meat Athlete.  I also discussed a few of my favorite resources I use while meal planning for a family of four.

Here are the meals from this week:



Oriental Soup from Jason Vale’s Super Fast Food App

Since hubby’s stomach does not agree with any kind of peppers or hot spices, I omitted the red chilies and red chili powder that this soup recipe called for.  Needless to say, it was missing some kick.

Before making tonight’s dinner, I ran 4 miles on the levee while the 10 & 13 year-old rode their bicycles.

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